Do You Know Your Beef?

Lets focus on beef. Do you know what you are eating when you bite into your juicy steak? Organic grass fed beef is definitely the best kind of beef you should be eating, but do you know why?  

First lets start with understanding what grass fed beef really is. The USDA defines grass fed meat as cows fed grass or mothers milk for its entire life. It does not however specify that the grass has to be fresh, which leads to a whole slew of variables which can include cows that are kept in pens and fed dry grass/hay, some of which could be GMO's!  To make things worse, if the beef is not organic it could be getting hormones and antibiotics as well. 

A lot of people may assume that all grass fed beef is organic and not subject to these caveats but unfortunately that is not the case. It is very important to remember that not all grass fed meat is organic which leads to issues of cows being fed GMO hay, and also getting pumped with antibiotics and hormones. Not something you want to be putting in your body. 

So what are some of the benefits of organic grass fed beef? 

  • It has up to 3x more nutrients than grain fed beef

  • The fat is good quality fat, high in Omega 3's and low in inflammatory Omega 6 fats

  • No antibiotics, hormones or pesticides

  • Good for the environment

In order to get the cleanest beef, you want to try and find organic grass fed meat. This can be a bit tricky so the next best is organic grass fed/grain finished. What that means is the cows eat grass most of their life, but they feed the cows grains for the last 8-10 weeks of their lives to fatten them up. The issue with this is that it starts to compromise the good fats and turn them into bad inflammatory fats. If you do eat grain finished beef, its best to not eat the fat on that meat. 

Organic grain fed beef is the next best, though it is not ideal since it has low nutrient content and is high in inflammatory omega 6 fats. Since it is organic you won't be eating hormones and pesticides, but again, don't eat the fat on this meat. 

And the last option of beef is factory farmed meat, which no one should ever eat. It is full of antibiotics and hormones, fed GMO and moldy grains, highly inflammatory and the cows are treated very poorly and unethically. 

Check out this great infographic from Bulletproof Exec on the breakdown of all our beef options. 

Want to learn even more on your beef? Watch this 5 min video where Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof explains each type of beef in depth. 

* Information sourced from Bulletproof Exec


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