Stem Cells: Week 9


Week 9 came with some ups and downs, but overall I am starting to feel a lot better. Each day that goes by I am starting to feel more and more like myself! 

I did get glutened again last week which made things rough for a few days. The good thing is when I feel this way, I know exactly what the cause is and I know I just need to rest and ride it out and that it's not a return of Lyme symptoms. 

As I start to feel better I have been able to have a bit more of a social life and see friends again. With being social comes going out to dinner, and with going out to dinner comes a gamble on getting glutened. No matter how careful I try to be and ask all the right questions, sometimes it just happens anyways and I go through 7 days of feeling like tired, achey and intense brain fog. 

The good news is that this glutening did not feel as severe as it usually is. One thing I am hoping with my stem cells is that it starts to reduce my symptoms of Celiac Disease. I have not intentionally eaten gluten for close to 5 years, but even a microscopic crumb will take me out for a week.

After this past glutening, I am making a promise to myself not to eat out for at least 2 weeks so I can really see where my body is at and how I am feeling with the stem cells.

That being said, I have continued to notice significant improvements! My body keeps feeling better and better, my brain is starting to turn back on and I was even able to reintroduce a few foods I was previously allergic to (apples and pineapple). 

Overall I just feel different. Good different. I still have fatigue that comes and goes, but that is to be expected as my body puts its energy into healing. My 100 days are flying by! 


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