Below are links to other blogs and sites that I have found very useful and informative. All of these bloggers have done an amazing job of sharing information that I hope you will find valuable as well.

LYME Blogs:

What is Lyme

Tired of Lyme

Better Health Guy

Lyme Less Live More

Lyme Nation

Lyme Symptoms

Lymeless & Lovely


Lady of Lyme

Lyme Chick

Under Our Skin


LYME Facebook Groups:

What is Lyme put together an awesome list of all the Facebook communities available to Lymies. I highly recommend joining the groups that seem relevant to you. I gained a wealth of my knowledge from learning from others in the same situation.

AIP + Paleo Blogs:

Paleo Mom

Autoimmune Paleo

Alt-Ternative Autoimmune
* Angie was my awesome health coach!

Phoenix Helix


Terry Wahls

Chris Kresser

Robb Wolf

Against All Grain

Grass Fed Girl