Stem Cell Transition


Healing with stem cells can be a rollercoaster. It can be hard to let go and trust our bodies to heal after years of having to be our own doctor.  In addition to the ups and downs, healing from chronic illness is just as much emotional and mental healing, as it is physical healing. As we heal and start to feel better, it can feel uncomfortable to step back into a healthy normal life. We have to learn to trust our bodies again and not be in a constant treatment cycle. Letting go is one of the hardest phases of healing, but also one of the most critical parts as we get our health back. 

Unfortunately,  you don't just wake up one day and feel normal. It is a process just as the rest of your healing journey is. Our new lives tend to be so different from before we got sick.  For many we don't just pick up where we left off. Coming back to life can require some help and guidance. 

Fortunately, I have been in these shoes and can offer lots of support. I've put together a series of tips to help make the transition as graceful and easy as possible. I am here to support you through the last phase of healing and to help get you back on your feet, living and loving life again.

Some Topics We Work With In Our Sessions: 
• Dealing with the ups and downs of stem cell healing
• Working around symptom flares
• Breaking the cycle of wanting to treat every symptom that comes up
• Weening off constant treatment cycles and thoughts
• Slowing down while healing and letting your body heal
• Setting goals for your healing process
• Learning to trust our bodies again
• How to make life easier when you are healing
• Integrating self-care into our daily lives
• Learning to cope with anxiety and stress
• Transitioning back to a healthy you
• Learning how to enjoy life again
• Work / Life balance
• Creating the life you want 

What You Get
• Two 50-minute sessions per month – Phone  or Skype
• Email support between sessions
• Recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
• Coaching and support to help you reach your health goals
• Simple but informative handouts that will increase your knowledge
• Discounted access to webinars and workshops
• Access to my newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes
• My personal commitment to your health and success
• Work 1:1 with someone that has gone through the stem cell healing process and knows what you are experiencing. 

Program Details
6 month program
$220 per month
$1,320 for full 6 month program ($100 discount if paid in full at start of program )
• Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card

* Please Note: This program is designed specifically for those healing with stem cells from Infusio. 

Why 6 Months? 
Six months is shown to be most effective in making a healthy lifestyle transformation. Healing and lifestyle changes don't happen overnight so taking the time to really develop new habits is going to provide lasting results. I have found that consistent meetings times over 6 months lead to the greatest and longest lasting results. During our sessions we will discuss your goals and concerns, cover related health and wellness topics, and I will give you specific recommendations and lifestyle tips that you will easily integrate into your life. Each time we meet, we will discuss your progress, challenges and victories so we can always be moving towards your personal goals.