What Is Wandering Palate? 

Simple & Quick Healthy Paleo Recipes
These recipes are healthy and fast and don't require hours in the kitchen. 

A 28 Day Meal Plan With Everything Figured Out
No hunting for sides or dressings, the whole week is figured out for you. 

Shopping Lists
Each week you have a pre-made shopping list to help you stay on track.

Recipes That Fit Your Diet Plan
All recipes are paleo and can be adapted to be Keto, AIP, Whole 30, and Primal. 

Structured To Empower You
There is a structure to the meals each week to empower you to create your own meal plans and recipes. 

Weekday Lunches
Eating healthy when you work at an office all day can be a challenge so all of these lunches can be easily made the night before and packed for work or taken in a Mason Jar. 

Internationally Inspired
Many of the recipes are inspired by my travels around the world, just turned into a healthy paleo version. 

Every Recipe Has A Picture
Images in cookbooks can be such a good guide to how a recipe should look so EVERY recipe in the book has a picture.

100% Me. 
Not only are the recipes all mine, I also did all the Photography and Design for the book as well as self-publishing. 

Pre-order your copy now! Ships November 2018

The First 100 Pre-Orders Get: 

• Personalized message and signed copy
• Pawprint signature from my sous chef Falkor  
• Laminated reusable weekly meal plans with shopping lists
• And you will be helping make my dream a reality helping with production and printing costs

The book will be delivered November 2018
Cover Design subject to change.