This page has everything you need to support you while eating the book including meal plans, shopping list and what kitchen tools you will need to be able to make any recipe. If you have questions on the recipes feel free to reach out! If you make the recipes make sure to tag @thetrailtohealth and use hashtags #wanderingpalate and #thetrailtohealth. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I do.

Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

If you need a printed copy of your meal plans and shopping lists to make your week easier you can download them here.

Sourcing Ingredients

There are definitely certain brands I recommend that are Paleo and I have also tested to confirm they are gluten free with my Nima Sensor. I find that about 30% of packaged items labeled gluten free actually have gluten in them. Here is my list of where to source your ingredients for all the recipes in the book.

General Groceries

Thrive Market
Thrive is an online marketplace offering groceries including meats and fish and is an amazing resource. All of the pantry items that I use in the book can certainly be found on Thrive and their prices are great and will ship right to your door. You can get an extra 25% off your first purchase using this link.

Instacart is a great grocery delivery service that I use all the time. A shopper will shop at your local grocery store and deliver it to your home. Most grocery stores are available on Instacart, including Whole Foods if they have Instacart in your area. It definitely makes your life easier. There are no excuses to stay on track when getting healthy groceries delivered is so easy. Usually groceries will be delivered within 1-2 hours.

Amazon Fresh
Amazon Fresh is also a great resource to get all of your groceries delivered right to your door. I tend to like Instacart a bit better since you have a real shopper getting your items and you have more control over replacements or adding last minute items.

Meats & Seafood

It is important to always use grass fed meats and wild fish since they have the most nutritional value. I always recommend finding a local butcher shop that has grass fed & finished meats as well as a store that sells quality wild seafood. This may be hard in some parts of the country, so fortunately there are some great online sources that can deliver quality meat and fish right to your doorstep.

Butcher Box
Butcher box Is an excellent resource for beef, chicken and pork. All of their meat is grass fed and grass finished and comes shipped right to your door. You can choose from pre-mixed box options or customize your own box. Make sure to use this link or code AP10 to get $10 off your first order and a pack of bacon!

US Wellness Meats
US Wellness Meats is another equally great resource for meats. Their meats are also grass fed and grass finished and you can select the cuts you want instead of a box. They also have great lamb, bison and seafood!

Vital Choice
Vital Choice is a great online resource for sourcing high quality wild fish. They also ship right to your home and you can customize your order or you can get the Vital box which is a preset selection of fish.

Thrive Market
Thrive also recently started offering high quality meats and fish that they will ship right to your door. Similar to the others the items arrive frozen and you can customize your box.

Kitchen Tools

There are a few must have tools for making some of the recipes in the book such as an Instant Pot and Food Processor. You can head over to my Amazon Store to shop my kitchen and all the products I use. For Instant Pot I use the 6qt size and you can order it on Amazon or directly through Instant Pot where you can get $10 off with code TRAILTOHEALTH.

Pantry Foods

There are quite a few pantry items that come up in my recipes quite a few times. You can shop most of these in my Amazon Store as well by scrolling down to Foods.