2018 Global Lyme Alliance Lyme Gala Recap


I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 4th Annual Global Lyme Alliance Gala last week in New York City. The gala was held in a beautiful space called Cipriani on 42nd street and was an incredibly moving event. I have been following the Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) for a while now and they are doing amazing things for the Lyme community. The gala was able to raise 2 million dollars which they will be using towards creating reliable testing for Lyme and ultimately finding a cure for this devastating disease.

While the gala itself was absolutely beautiful, what moved me the most was the touching stories of everyone that spoke. I had tears in my eyes multiple times hearing the horrors of this disease. Ramona Singer, from the Real Housewives of NY shared how this disease devastated her sister. Erin Walker shared about how her and PGA champion husband, Jimmy Walker both suffer from Lyme and their trials and tribulations with treatments and diagnosis. Yolanda Foster shared some very sad news that she is having a relapse and only experienced 1 year of remission. She had been in treatment all day and used all her energy she had left to attend the Gala because this is the number one cause she is fighting for and things have to change.

She also shared a very sad story about how she recently met an AIDS patient that was recently bit by a tick and said that Lyme disease is the most horrible thing he has ever experienced. Why do people have to suffer so much? This is unacceptable.


It rips a hole in your heart every time you hear about the unnecessary suffering that comes with this disease. In my years with Lyme I have heard devastating story after story. Though I am fortunately now in remission after 6 years of Lyme, I know that part of my path in life is to help people affected by this horrid disease and come together to find a cure. I will continue advocating for and helping all of those affected by this horrific disease.

Fortunately there is an amazing organization like the GLA, that is fighting for all of us affected by Lyme. I hope I see a cure for it in my lifetime. The world needs it more than anything.

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