IV Therapy


IV Therapy has been a large part of my healing. I get IV’s weekly to help support my detox from Heavy Metals, kill Lyme and supplement my bodies vitamins and minerals.

Here are some of the key IV’s I have been getting on my journey that I feel are really making a difference.

Sodium EDTA IV
Sodium EDTA is used for chelation therapy which is the removal of heavy metals. During a heavy metal challenge test we found out that my Lead and Mercury levels were extremely high and as well as other metals that were also elevated, though not as high as lead and mercury. Getting Sodium EDTA every 2 weeks works to draw the metals out of my organs and tissues. I follow the IV’s with 2 weeks of intense detoxing to help my body excrete the metals. The detoxing protocol includes, Infared Sauna sessions 4-5x per week, Colonic 3-4x per week as well as lots of supplements to help bind the metals and antioxidants and minerals to make sure the metals do not redistribute and cause more problems.

High Dose Vitamin C IV
A large bag of Vitamin C is given after the Sodium EDTA to act as a powerful antioxidant. It is also given in high doses to kill Lyme. This part of the IV regime is not so fun. The Vitamin C makes you feel kind of nauseous and really really thirsty. It's always good to have a light snack during this part to help with the nausea. I like eating some fresh fruit which is light and somewhat hydrating.

Glutathione Push IV
Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body. It's the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease and some people don’t produce enough. Poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete your glutathione. I also have a genetic mutation that my body is not able to produce enough of its own glutathione so I need to supplement with NAC which is the pre-curser to glutathione and also get IV’s to make sure my body has enough to really be able to detox all my toxins.

I get weekly B-Shots with L-Methylfolate which also help my body with energy and address another genetic mutation called MTHFR which prevents my body from being able to detox on its own.

Artesunate IV
Artesunate is wormwood. Yes its the same wormwood that is in Absinthe, though the IV is not like a sip of Absinthe. This IV is used to kill the Lyme Bacteria. It is also used to treat Malaria and Babesia, a common Lyme Co-Infection. Artesunate is able to cross the blood brain barrier so its able to kill Lyme in my brain. A lot of treatments and medications are not able to cross the blood brain barrier so its important to include treatments that do. This IV is a bit intense and definitely makes you feel a bit trippy.

Hydrogen Peroxide IV
Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s fall into the idea of Oxidative Therapies. The hydrogen peroxide works to kill bacteria and viruses and also regulate the immune system.

Essential Minerals w/ Homeopathics
This IV is really just for support. It's very hydrating and also has some homeopathics to support the body and keep it from feeling dehydrated and depleted. It is a very calming IV due to the magnesium, which our bodies are often depleted in.

Phosphatidylcholine repairs damage to the membranes of all the cells in the body. When someone is chronically ill, the cells start to get damaged over time and this can even damage your mitochondria which is your energy source at a cellular level. Phosphatidylcholine can also help with the neurological symptoms caused by Lyme and Co-Infections.

Myers Cocktail
The Myers cocktail is done on alternating weeks to the above therapies. Chelation removes metals, but it also removes essential minerals so it's important to replenish the body with essential minerals so that they take the place of where the metals were stored in the body, and the metals get flush out instead of redistributing. Sometimes taking the minerals orally is not enough so getting an IV ensures that the body is able to use and store them. Myers IV usually includes B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium etc.

Apheresis is the big guns. Basically its acts as the ultimate detox and filter machine for your body and cleans ALL of your blood. You have 2 IVs hooked into you. One draws the blood out and one returns it. When your blood is drawn out the machine separates your red blood cells from your plasma. Your plasma is then put into a filter where all the inflammation, toxins and bugs are filtered out and your clean plasma is returned to your red blood cells and back into your body.

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