Living With Hashimoto's


Hashimoto’s is one of those strange autoimmune conditions I acquired along my Lyme Journey. It seems to be one of the things that goes wrong along the way, especially for women. I struggled with it for years, but am finally feeling like I am getting on top of it and keeping it under control.

What Were My Symptoms?

It is really hard to say because I developed it when I had Lyme disease and everything was a big blur. It was impossible to tell what was Lyme and what was autoimmune and what was everything else I was dealing with. As I chipped away at my symptoms and recovered with stem cell therapy, it was pretty clear what my Hashimotos symptoms were.

For me the biggest issue was its effect on my metabolism and resulted in major weight gain, especially after stem cell therapy. I also experienced fatigue and a feeling of un-motivation that is hard to describe. After stem cell therapy, I felt a lot better but at the end of the day I was still a bit tired and did not have much more energy to do much. I was night and day from where I was and was content with my current state until I optimized my thyroid with T3. Since starting T3 only for my thyroid I have had unstoppable energy, wrote a cookbook, travel every few weeks and feel really great.

What Medications Did I Try?

I have tried them all. I tried Synthoid which did nothing for me, I tried compounded T3/T4, I tried NDT Nature Throid and none of them really did much for me. I was always in a puffy and overweight state, never quite energetic or optimal. .

I finally went to a new doctor who in 5 years of Hashimoto’s figured me out in 1 visit. He looked at my labs and knew exactly what to do. He switched me to T3 only and took me up very slowly in my dosage. I was actually pretty concerned to do only T3 because in the past when I had used compounded T3 I never tolerated it well. I would get palpitations and anxiety and those are some pretty awful symptoms. Fortunately my new doctor knew exactly how to get my body used to it and slowly ramped me up.

I could not believe what a different person I felt like. I started to lose the stubborn weight, I started to have more energy, motivation, zest for life it was like I was a new person! I am still currently taking T3 only and feel amazing on it. My thyroid has been improving as I continue to heal and I have been able to come down on my dosage and still feel great. To find out more details on all the various Thyroid medications make sure to check out my blog post on that very topic

Do I Do Any Other Treatments For My Thyroid?

I don’t really do any other treatments on an ongoing basis for it, but there are a few supportive things I definitely to do keep my thyroid and immune system healthy:

Thymus Therapy
Thymus Therapy is a peptide injection that you can use for immune modulation. Every single time I have done Thymus therapy, which is every 6 months or so I notice a significant drop in my thyroid dosage and antibodies

Strict Diet
With Hashimoto’s having a clean diet is imperative. I am 100% gluten free, due. to my Celiac Diagnosis as well but even beyond that I follow a very strict Paleo diet. If you need some help in this department, make sure to check out my cookbook, Wandering Palate which has a 28 day meal plans of healthy meals. I literally eat my book each month!

Self Care
In addition to all the physical stuff, managing stress is imperative with any autoimmune disease. I make sure to incorporate some sort of self care everyday in my life.

Good Sleep
Last but not least, I really make good sleep a priority. Check out my blog post on 10 ways to optimize your sleep. I religiously follow all of these tips.

Need Help With Hashimoto’s

I offer 1:1 health coaching and can definitely offer support on your own Hashimoto’s journey. It is such a complex and finicky condition that takes a lot of knowing what is off and how to subtly adjust it. I have learned a lot on my own path and am happy to schedule a session and share what I know so that you can discuss it with your doctor.

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