Are Your Cleaning Products Safe?


Let’s face it, we’ve all gotta clean. Keeping your space tidy and clean will ultimately minimize chaos and keep you healthier. However, while you may be cleaning to cleanse your home of impurities, there’s a dark side of cleaning products that could actually make you sick. Toxic substances and chemicals make up the main ingredients of most commercial cleaning products. What’s up with that? Aside from the obvious health risks, here’s why you should switch to Branch Basics, a cleaner option for your cleaning needs.

Non-Toxic, Safe Ingredients

Unfortunately, commercial cleaning brands found on the shelves of most markets utilize dangerous chemicals like chlorine, Quats (Quarternary Ammonium Compounds) and other toxic substances that are labeled as “antibacterial.” The problem is that they breed bacteria and can cause skin irritation and respiratory issues. Ever douse a counter in cleaning solution and end up coughing and getting a headache? While acute exposure to these harsh chemicals doesn’t initially seem severe, chronic use can ultimately lead to diseases like asthma and cancer.

Branch Basics developed a multi-purpose cleaning concentrate made from completely natural and safe ingredients. It’s plant and mineral based, and free of harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, alcohols, ethoxylates and SLS’s.

Easy to Use

The process is simple: grab a bottle, fill it with water, add the multi-purpose concentrate, shake to mix and clean your heart out. With the dilution process, the concentrate is refillable, and durable for any messy task around the house. It can even be used to wash laundry with; with literally one product you can keep your whole home clean.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

All Branch Basics products are biodegradable, with plant and mineral based ingredients sourced from nature. Because the concentrate is refillable, plastic bottle waste is significantly minimized by reusing the same bottle. The bottles are made from phthalate-free and BPA-free plastic. They don’t test their products on animals, and even encourage you to wash your animals with Branch Basics Concentrate. Clean house, clean body, clean Earth.


Taking all-purpose to the next level, the Concentrate can be used in a multitude of ways. The typical areas include kitchen counters, bathroom sinks and toilets, but it can also be used to remove stains in the carpet or on the walls. The streak free formula works wonders on mirrors, and you can even wash your laundry with it. Rather than hosting a bunch of harmful, toxic cleaners for different uses in your cleaning cubby, minimize waste and toxins by sticking to this effective multi-purpose cleaner.


There exists a stigma that natural or eco-friendly products are a significantly more expensive alternative. This is a broad generalization that certainly doesn’t apply to Branch Basics. In fact, a bottle of Concentrate can “save you as much as half of your yearly cleaning budget,” according to Branch Basics’ economic breakdown. Sure, $49 for 32 oz might make you gasp at first. But don’t forget one very important factor: it’s meant to be diluted. Which means that from a 32 oz bottle of Concentrate you can make 16 (24 oz) all-purpose cleaning bottles, 10 (24 oz) bathroom cleaning bottles, or 192 laundry loads. Which beckons the question: what will you do with your 32 oz of Branch Basics? Simply put— everything!

Transparently Clean

Here’s the kicker. Many cleaning products advertising as “green” cleaners have been outed for still containing harmful chemicals. A study from the University of Melbourne, Australia discovered that when it comes to VOCs found in cleaners, “80% are the same between green and regular products, and of the most prevalent classified as toxic or hazardous, 75% are the same between green and regular products.” Basically, cleaners marketed as “green” contain almost the same amount of toxic chemicals as those not marketed as “green.” Inevitably we wonder, how do “green” cleaners get away with? The harsh truth is that there are currently no concrete U.S. regulations that require full disclosure of the ingredients in cleaning products. Shocking, but true.

The good news is that Branch Basics is shaking up the cleaning product industry by being fully transparent about their natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Here’s the bottom line: Cleaning should be clean and safe, and that’s why you should switch to Branch Basics.

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