Stem Cells: 6 Month Update

6 Months brought a big shift in how I felt. I didn’t think it would be possible to feel as good as I feel today. To be honest, I have days where I feel better than I did before I got Lyme, thanks to Stem Cells. 

Most of my Lyme Symptoms are gone now. I have some neuro damage that is still healing but neuro symptoms don’t heal until the 6-9 month mark so I am being patient as I am barely at 6 months. 

What has improved: 
I have seen the biggest improvements in my joints, brain + memory, energy and overall feeling of well being. 

Brain + Memory
My brain has been working great. I do not have debilitating brain fog or short term memory issues anymore. My brain symptoms were the absolute worst symptoms for me. This did not start to improve until the 9-10 week mark, but by around 4-5 months my brain felt great and now it feels even sharper. 

My energy has been coming back! I have energy and stamina to do what I need to do all day. Yes, I get tired here and there, but I get tired when a normal person should be tired. It is amazing to have my energy back and I do notice that each month it continues to improve.  

I have also started working out with a trainer 3x a week and my energy is increased with exercise. In the past, if I tried to exercise I would have felt wiped out for days and never had the strength or energy. I am excited to get back into shape. 

What Has Not Fully Improved
I am in the thick of healing and not expecting to be fully healed at the 6 month point.  I still have some areas that need improvement. 

Neuro Issues
The majority of my remaining symptoms are neuro issues. I just started to see a shift in my finger twitching, but it is not totally gone. I also still have light and sound sensitivity, though it is starting to improve. I know neuro issues take the longest so I am being patient as my nerves heal.  As the nerve heals digestive issues and food allergies start to improve so I am looking forward to a shift in both of those departments. 

My thyroid is still all over the place. I have an appt soon to review my labs and see where I am at. I am hoping that eventually I can ween off my thyroid medication, but for now it's a balancing act. 

Celiac Disease
I still continue to have the same intense reaction to gluten. I am hoping as my nerves and digestive system heals, I will have some improvement in this area. All my Celiac and gluten symptoms are all neuro so it's my hope as I heal those symptoms start to lessen.