Stem Cells: Week 8


Week 8 came with some pretty significant improvements! I am starting to feel more and more like myself and am slowly coming back to life. 

I definitely have felt like I am detoxing something. My nose was still a bit runny and my lymphs were a bit backed up but as long as I kept up with detox, I felt good. I made sure to use my infared sauna and vibe plate to stay on top of any detox symptoms that came up. 


I also did a Ten Pass mid week and that definitely gave my stem cells a nice boost! I felt really clear headed and energized after that. One thing that was interesting was the color of my blood seemed darker. When I was doing my regular treatments, my blood was starting to look bright and healthy. This time it definitely seemed like my body was processing some toxins which makes sense since that is part of the healing process with stems. 

All in all, I really felt like I turned a corner on week 8. It was almost as if I could think a bit more clearly too which has been really amazing. 

Brain Fog Broken Down:  
The  brain fog I experience has a few layers to it though so only a piece of it has started to improve, but considering nothing else has helped it, it's a pretty big deal.

1. The Actual Fog - Improving
This is the feeling that I can’t think or there is literally a thick fog or mud in my brain making each thought require tremendous amounts of energy and focus to just be able to think and process info. This definitely feels like it is starting to improve and I am having snippets of clarity. 

Unfortunately, there are a few other pieces to the brain fog which still hold back my brain. Phil says that a lot of these Neuro symptoms can take up to 9 months to heal so I am being patient with them and letting the stem cells go through the process. 

These are the other parts of my fog which still need some improvement. 

2. Word Finding Issues
I am still having a hard time recalling words. Sometimes I feel like I am playing charades just to think of words. I can describe what the word means and how it's used and I can usually recall the first 2 letters but for the life of me, I can’t think of the actual word! It drives me nuts. 

3. Short Term Memory
My short term memory is still non-existent and it really exacerbates my brain fog. I can’t remember why I walked into a room, why I opened the fridge, who I was sending an email to. I know people try and make me feel better and say this happens to them too, but not to the level it happens to me. I know when I was healthy it would happen to me here and there, but this is with every thought. Post-It Notes and Evernote have become my brain. 

4. Focus
This is also an interesting layer of my brain fog. I find it really hard to focus and stay organized. The short term memory issues definitely exacerbate this. I used to be such an organized OCD person. Now I feel like I can’t keep track of everything I am doing. I also find that I start one thing and then before I know it I have 10 things open at once and can’t complete the first task. I feel very ADD but I believe the root of it is really my short term memory. It's frustrating because pre-Lyme I never used to be like this, but I trust the stem cells will bring my brain back. I definitely am able to focus a bit more now, but I still have a long ways to go in this department. 

All in all, I am definitely continuing to see improvements. I overall am feeling better and lighter. I have been keeping up with Pilates physical therapy and feeling great after my sessions. No more exhaustion or fatigue after I work out which has been magical. My joints and body still feel great as it seems my joint issues are totally resolved. I am definitely heading in the right direction. I definitely am still experiencing ups and downs with my fatigue, but that is definitely part of the process.