Ten Pass Ozone

I had the opportunity to try the Hyperbaric Multi-dose Ozone therapy today, which is commonly known as a Ten-Pass. 

The Ten-Pass takes blood out of your body, oxygenates it with ozone and puts it back into your body. This happens 10 times, hence the name Ten-Pass. Some people are not able to complete 10 passes in a single session, which is ok, you still get a benefit from even a few passes. Not being able to complete the 10 passes could be due to feeling woozy or light headed during the procedure, not being able to draw enough blood out or the filter getting clogged from your blood.

Each pass withdraws 200 ccs of blood and then is mixed with 70 mcg of ozone before it is put back into your body. This is repeated 10 times if possible. 
A typical UBI with ozone is a maximum of 120cc of blood and 120 mcg of ozone, so if you do the math, the 10pass is significantly stronger. If you are able to do all ten passes you will receive about 140,000 mcg of ozone which is a whopping dose compared to 120 mcg of ozone in a UBI with Ozone.  

My experience with the 10 pass was pretty easy. I was really excited to finally try it out so I did not have any pre Ten-Pass jitters. Ozone has been such a tremendous and integral part of what has gotten me better. I always feel great after ozone so was excited to get such a high dose of it. 

The procedure was fairly simple and did not take more than 2 hours. They insert a fairly large needle/catheter that is able to draw and return blood from the same vein. Fortunately, I have quite a few good veins in my arm and so for me this was not an issue. I imagine if you have a port or picc line they can probably use that. I was not too afraid of the larger needle either. After doing two Apheresis, nothing really scares me needle wise anymore. 

The length of time it takes really depends on how fast the blood can be drawn from your veins. Drinking water and making sure you are hydrated before definitely helps with this, but having good veins will also get you in and out faster.  

After the Ten-Pass a Meyers IV is recommended to finish off the treatment. 
The procedure does use quite a bit of Heparin so it's important to keep a compression bandage on for the remainder of the day. It can take Heparin 12 hours to clear your system and may affect clotting during that time. Other than that there is not too much to be concerned with.
Some people feel great after the treatment, some may experience herxing. It really depends on what is going on with your body at the time.  

My experience was pretty mild as far as negative symptoms go. When I left the clinic I felt energized, calm and clear headed. As the day went on I did feel a bit tired and the fatigue lasted into the next day. By the following day I had so much energy I did not know what to do with myself! I even got to go on a bike ride and felt great after! 

The Ten-Pass treatment is part of my prep for Cavitation Surgery which I will be having next week and I will also be doing more of them as I prep for Stem Cells at the end if August! 


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