Hi! Welcome to The Trail To Health.

There are many reasons I have started this blog...I believe everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason I have been on my path to be here today.

When I was young, I thought I had my whole life figured out. I was going to be a Licensed Architect and own my own Design Agency. I wanted to live in Barcelona, LA or San Francisco, own a live/work loft and have a French Bulldog. I wanted to travel the world and meet an amazing and handsome man to have as my partner in crime. I accomplished ALL of it and lived in all of those cities. Then I got sick and my perfect little life was turned completely upside down. At the time when I first got sick, I had not fully realized I would have absolutely no control over what was about to happen to me and how much it would change my perfect little planned out world.

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme I did not want to tell anyone what was going on. I was not going to let a disease define me or ruin my perfect life. I wanted to pretend everything was ok, and that I was still working and that life was business as usual, even though it was far from. In my mind, I would heal from it as quickly as possible and never have to think about it or talk about it again. I would be back to work and back to my “normal” life as soon as I could and no one would even know this happened to me.

As I started treating Lyme, I realized that it was not going to be possible to continue leading a false life and not tell anyone it was happening and I definitely was not going to be able to go back to my previous life anytime soon, or at all. I still tried to fight it and only told a few friends what was going on. Once I started getting better I felt comfortable being a bit more open about, I think only because I was getting better and not failing at my treatments. Failure has always been my biggest fear.

Being forced to experience the multitude of health issues I have had in the past 3 years has re-aligned my path in life. I have been shown a new unpaved path where nothing is certain and nothing is figured out. It is a path and group of lessons that I never would have walked along or learned if it had not been for my health issues, especially Lyme. I feel like being sick turned me into a huge onion and each layer I pulled off had another lesson below it, getting me closer and closer to my true self and also teaching me how to take care of my body and teaching me how to participate in the world as my true self.

In a perverted way, I am thankful for Lyme and all my health conditions to have made me stop in my path and really look at where I was going, what I was doing and more importantly why I was doing things. It forced me to really figure out who I am, who I want to be in life and what my purpose is. It made me clear about what I want in my life and how I can achieve it. It taught me to really figure out what I believe in, and free myself from beliefs, fears and opinions that were put on me from others. It has taught me to set boundaries and protect myself from doing things I don’t truly want to do. It has taught me to pay attention to my body and take care of it in a way I would have never done before. It taught me to be open to information from the universe and work with the energy and synchronicities that comes my way. It has taught me to stand up for myself and speak my truth and do what I truly want to do, not what someone else wants me to do or what I “should” do.

I am doing this blog and pursuing a career in health coaching in hopes of sharing my new found knowledge of health and healing with others on a similar path. I know it can be a very overwhelming and a scary path when you don’t know what is wrong with you, and even after you do know what's wrong and you have to figure out how to treat it and pave your own path to heal. There is a huge component to healing on a physical level, emotional and spiritual all which will help you come out on the other side a stronger person and being than you ever were before. With each day I am realizing how much I have learned and changed in this process and it becomes more obvious with each day that I get better and better.

I would have never chosen to pursue a career in health before I was sick, but now that I have had the experience I can’t just put it behind me and pretend it did not happen and go back to my old life as a designer. I still like design and will continue to be involved in it, but I also need to pursue my calling in health and healing. This experience is a huge part of me now and I am thankful for everything I learned from it.

Furthermore, there is so much denial going on around Lyme and lack of treatment and diagnosis that I can’t just sit back and have so much knowledge of what is happening and not do anything about it. Suddenly designing an app becomes meaningless when there are people dying and suffering from a disease that our government wants to deny. I can’t sit back and pretend it's not happening. I can’t not think about it or talk about it now that I am getting better. I have to do something about it. There was a reason I went on this path to have this experience and it was not to ignore it and put it behind me when it was over.

I am excited to be launching my blog and holding space for the new community I am about to create. I want to be able to help guide people on their path to wellness. I want to raise awareness for Lyme. I want to be a voice in the world that helps make it a better place and allows people the space to grow and learn on their own healing path to their true self. I want to incorporate all the lessons I learned for myself of how to be the best person I can be during my time on this planet and really make a difference in our world.

I look forward to crossing paths with you.

About Me: 
I am an IIN Certified Health Coach helping people heal from Lyme, Mold and Autoimmune Disease. Learn more about my journey and how we can work together.

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