Why You Need a NIMA Sensor If You Are Gluten-Free


Having Celiac disease is a huge part of my daily life. Whereas some people can just casually eat whatever they want without giving it a second thought, it’s much more complex for those of us with gluten intolerance or sensitivities. Every meal must be calculated to reduce the risk of getting glutened. Cross contamination is a serious danger that not only threatens physical health, but also mental and emotional. Ultimately, it’s simply not worth the risk. So, if you’re gluten-free, you’ve gotta get your hands on a Nima Sensor, an award-winning portable device that’s cracking the code on food allergies. Here’s why this genius invention is making mealtime smoother for the gluten-free.

It’s Portable, Convenient and Easy to Use

Who knew that such a powerful tool could literally fit in your pocket? The Nima Sensor is conveniently sized to take with you everywhere you go. Don’t let the size fool you, though. This small sensor packs a scientific punch. Antibody-based chemistry enables the sensor to detect gluten in your food. All you do before eating is load in a small portion of food to the test capsule, then wait a few minutes for Nima to give you a smiley face—or tell you that gluten’s in the food. The FDA standard for something to be considered gluten-free in the U.S. is 20 ppm, and Nima detects 20 ppm and above. Basically, Nima’s got your back.

Empowers You to Feel Safe When Eating Out

How frustrating is it when you want to grab a bite with friends and everyone looks at you and asks, “well, where can you eat?” Or, how about when you order something labeled as gluten-free but after eating you feel the onslaught of symptoms you recognize from getting glutened? Check, please! Truth is, being gluten-free can feel like a hinderance. But it shouldn’t be that way, especially considering the fact that most restaurants are getting wise to the fact that roughly 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from gluten sensitivity or intolerance. It’s great to see restaurants providing gluten-free menu options, however, before we get too excited, we still have to acknowledge cross contamination as a serious issue. Though the heightened awareness around food intolerances (gluten in specific) does represent progress, the likelihood of cross contamination is still high risk. That’s where Nima goes to work. Let her take the first bite for you to ensure that what you’re eating is gluten-free and hasn’t come into contact with surfaces or other food that’s been exposed to gluten. The Nima Sensor is like a protective shield at meals, which is incredibly empowering because you can feel liberated from the fear of cross contamination.

Puts Peace of Mind Back into Mealtime

Eating should be an enjoyable experience. Fear and anxiety shouldn’t be hallmark symptoms sitting next to the silverware at every meal. Food is delicious! Unfortunately, for those of us with Celiac or gluten sensitivity, the joy of eating can be bulldozed by our fear of getting glutened. Nima gives you peace of mind to enjoy your food. Rather than cautiously approaching each bite with worry that you might be paying for it later, you can truly savor the flavor, and enjoy the delicious art of eating. Bon Appetite!

It’s Safe

Simply put, Nima makes eating safer. The science behind the Nima Sensor has been widely supported by pioneers in the science, nutrition and food allergy sectors. In fact, the sensor was conceived and engineered by MIT advisors who suffer from food sensitivities and allergies, with additional support from the National Institutes of Health. Ultimately, it’s important that we all know what we’re eating. Whether it be derived from health-consciousness or allergies, knowing what’s in our food should be a priority. The Nima Sensor is giving us information about exactly what we’re putting into our bodies. With this knowledge, we gain a safer, more fulfilling and mindful approach to eating.

When I got diagnosed with Celiac disease 6 years ago, I hoped that someday I’d be able to eat my meals carefree, rather than fearfully. With the Nima sensor, that day has arrived.


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