All About the "Art With Me" Festival in Tulum, Mexico


Art With Me is an arts and culture festival that takes place on the picturesque jungle line beaches of Tulum, Mexico. This four-day immersive event cultivates community connection by building awareness of environmentalism, mindfulness and sustainability through interactive art, live music, wellness workshops, bustling nightlife and more. Art With Me is an experience that fosters intention through art, consciousness and sustainability. The festival dates are April 24-28, and you won’t want to miss this international event!

Did I mention it’s also extremely fun? I attended the Art With Me festival last year and it was and absolutely magical experience between the art at multiple locations, delicious food, incredible music and most of all the inspiring people I met while in Tulum.

Here’s why you don’t want to miss Art With Me 2019!

Join us for an incredible 5 nights and 4 days under the Tulum sun from April 24-28.

Why You Should Go

People from all walks of life amass from all corners of the world to take part in this cultural and artistic international festival. Art With Me beautifully blends interactive experiences crafted by prominent artists. It’s engaging, inspiring, fun and there’s never a dull moment.

What makes Art With Me such a unique event is that it’s a festival that fully engages your senses. Combining art, music, sustainability, food, wellness and culture, Art With Me is a one-of-a-kind event. Set amidst the exotic jungles and pristine shorelines of Tulum, you’ll tap into a fusion of experiences unparalleled by any other event. There are six pillars that make Art With Me so exciting. Here’s a brief insight into each one:

Art - World renowned artists craft large-scale installations and immersive art that is meant to be engaged and interacted with. The art is eclectic, awe-inspiring, and creates the fun and experiential atmosphere unique to Art With Me. Explore over 100 installations and exhibits.

Music - Each night boasts a different concert where you can dance the night away to a fusion of sounds including live bands, DJs, and latin, folk and indigenous performances. Notable acts on this year’s roster are Michael Franti, Bob Moses and Bedouin which I am very excited about.

Sustainability - Environmental programming is embedded throughout the Art With Me experience. The mission is to raise ecological awareness and sustainability in Tulum and beyond. Art With Me is working to build environmental infrastructure throughout the community via community art, earth day clean up, eco workshops, green cinema, inspiring talks and more. This is a piece that all attendee’s should take back to their daily lives back home.

Food - Tulum’s culture favors originality and cutting edge trends that thread traditional and local ingredients with innovative menus. Art With Me partners with local restaurants and chefs to create memorable culinary experiences, food tastings and unforgettable dining experiences that highlight the heart of Tulum.

Wellness - Of course wellness is an instrumental force woven throughout this four-day festival that eaily feels like a wellness retreat. Wellness programs include yoga, meditation, mindfulness activities, and traditional Mayan Clay ceremonies. Healing is a vital aspect of Mayan history, and you’ll get to experience the enriching circles, ceremonies, workshops, tastings, and activities that promote wellness and natural healing.

Culture - All of the previous elements converge to create an unparalleled festival that’s hugely influenced by the culture and magic of Tulum. Over four days you’ll tap into inner exploration that’s heightened by all of the amazing arts, music and signature features of Art With Me.

Photo Credit: George Evan

What You Should See

Check out the art: The most visually engaging aspect of Art With Me is—no surprise here—the art! It’s absolutely phenomenal and with over 100 exhibits, you’ll definitely want to take time to explore this beach front and jungle lined art gallery.

Festival Activities: Also plan time for classes and activities. There are yoga classes, mayan rituals, dance classes and more.

Tulum’s Cenotes: If you feel like branching out from the festival, there are amazing things to do and see in Tulum. Most notably, there are several cenotes (swimming holes) that are great for snorkeling and swimming. Popular nearby cenotes are Cenotes Dos Ojos, and El Gran Cenote.

Archeological Ruins: People come from all over the world to explore Tulum’s famous ruins. Why? Well, Tulum is located in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, a famous Mayan archaeological site. Check out the nearby Tulum Ruins, Muyil Archaeological Site, or Cobá Ruins.

Ecological and Nature Reserves: Tulum is a biodiverse Caribbean location that’s thriving with wildlife and nature. In fact, there are millions of acres of estuaries, cenotes, wetlands and reefs to explore in Tulum. Spend a half-day exploring Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve or take a day trip to Punta Laguna Nature Reserve if you’re fixated on seeing spider monkeys.

Photo Credit: Phoebe Montague

Where You Should Eat

Top restaurants on Art With Me’s menu include Arca Restaurant, Mía Restaurant, Nu Tulum, and more. I always like to plan ahead to make sure I’ve got some safe, gluten-free options to choose from. Tulum is pretty progressive, so finding healthy alternatives is easier than other parts of Mexico. A local favorite is Burrito Amor, a partner of Art With Me that provides fresh, organic and gluten-free food options. Other delicious restaurants that provide gluten free options are Casa Malca, Arca, Wild, The Real Coconut and the super trendy and adorable cafe, Matcha Mama.


Photo Credit: Peter Ruprecht

Nightlife in Tulum

There’s no shortage of exciting nightlife in Tulum. This year, Art With Me is featuring a platform called “Constellation,” an immersive art installation that vividly encapsulates the experience of dreaming through a dream portal. Included in “Constellation” are live concerts, sound healing and workshops.

Don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes because this festival will keep you dancing every night with a variety of musical performances. Last year I got to see Thievery Corporation in an intimate beach side venue and it was pure magic! You’ll likely be fully engaged with the nightlife at Art With Me, but if you feel like exploring Tulum’s nightlife, check out these local bars and evening attractions:

Papaya Playa Project: an infamous beach hotel and party bar.

Casa Jaguar: A lush outdoor restaurant/ bar serving up cocktails, food and good vibes

Gitano: The most delicious cocktails you will ever have.

Where You Should Stay

Where you stay in Tulum contributes to what kind of experience you have. This is a gorgeous location in the Riviera Maya featuring picturesque beaches where the vast Caribbean juxtaposes the dense and thriving Yucatan jungle.

As such, staying in Tulum is essentially staying in a sanctuary or wild paradise. I personally like to stay at Tata Tulum. It is a beautiful and newer hotel right on the beach with wonderful modern rooms and delicious food. I also have enjoyed staying at Ahua Tulum, Be Tulum and El Chiringuito.

Art With Me partners with eco-conscious hotels and accommodations that are trusted and highly recommended. Browse the list of unique, eclectic and sustainable accommodations in Tulum recommended and by Art With Me.

How To Get To Tulum

Getting to Tulum will depend on exactly where you’re departing from. However, you’ll have to fly into Cancun International Airport, (CUN) which provides connections throughout the Riviera Maya. The journey to Tulum from Cancun is about 1.5 hours via a private transfer van. A private transfer costs between $100 USD-$$115 USD, depending on the size of your party. You can also take a taxi from Cancun to Tulum, but expect significantly more expensive fares. Check out this resource for more info on getting to Tulum from Cancun International Airport.

Photo Credit: Peter Ruprecht

You Don’t Want To Miss Art With Me

Art With Me engages creative arts to bring light to environmental and ecological issues and create solutions that foster both local and global sustainability. Not to mention, all of this excitement happens right between the Caribbean coast and lush jungle.

Tulum is a jewel that combines sustainability with trendsetting culture that draws from both past and present to create an interactive atmosphere you won’t want to miss. Art With Me beautifully taps into that culture with interactive art, delicious and healthy food, vibrant nightlife, environmental education, initiatives and wellness activities. But it is so much more than that!

Art With Me gives you the chance to look internally and explore yourself through the inspiration of an eclectic, positive and aware environment. It’s an unforgettable experience heightened by the splendor of Tulum and its rich and vibrant landscape.

Get your tickets now to attend the life changing experience that is Art With Me.

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