Eat Like A Queen or King With This Gluten Free Dining Guide for Portland, OR!

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People travel from all over the world to visit the Pacific Northwest. A top destination on their list? Portland, Oregon. Not only is Portlandia a haven for outdoors activities and microbreweries, but it also has a vibrant culinary scene. And if you’ve got food sensitivities or allergies like me, then you’ll be delighted to find a plethora of places in Portland to indulge without sacrificing flavor. So of course I want to try all of them!

I recently had an epic gluten free dining adventure in Portland when I was in town for my cooking segment on AMNW and book signing! I was very impressed with how many 100% gluten free restaurants there were in the city. As hard as I tried, I didn’t get to try them all so there are many more on my list for next time I am in town. Read on for all my delicious recommendations for places to eat gluten free in Portland, Oregon!

Little Bean - Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with this Gluten Free Ice Cream!

Little Bean specializes in making ice cream and some baked goods from chickpeas! That’s right, chickpeas! It was really awesome to tour the entire process of how they get their chickpeas and turn them into milk and then ice cream, but also reuse the pulp to make some of the baked goods! All of the flavors were absolutely delicious and they are 100% gluten free—including the cones, available in vanilla or chocolate. Right now they only have one location in NW Portland but they are planning to expand into grocery stores so keep an eye out for pints near you, hopefully soon because it was DELICIOUS.

Verde Cocina - Tasty Gluten Free Mexican Food in Portland

Verde Cocina is one of my favorite gluten free places to eat in Portland. I actually ate there two times last time I was in town, so naturally I was very excited to go back. They have delicious Mexican food with a fresh and healthy spin. The entire menu is gluten free and they even have paleo options as well, which is a rare treat with traditionally grain and bean heavy Latin American food. Anytime I eat Mexican food I love to order guac, and Verde Cocina’s does not disappoint with their unique variation of guac with jicama. Delish! We also ordered carne asada and chicken con papas salad. The verdict: it was sooooo good.

I really wish I had a bigger stomach sometimes to fit all the tastiness in because we barely had enough room to fit in flan for dessert, but since it is one of my favorite desserts I never pass it up. Fortunately, I made room and it was completely worth it. Make sure to try one of their tasty cocktails, too. Verde Cocina was voted one of the best margaritas in Portland and I can confirm that because it sure went down easy.

New Cascadia - Savory Gluten Free Options!

I was so happy to finally make it into New Cascadia, an incredible gluten free bakery in Portland! They are another 100% gluten free establishment and have a delectable menu consisting of pizza, bagels, pies and challah! *Pinch me* because those are some of my favorite foods that I’ve missed dearly since going gluten free 8 years ago. Truth is, most gluten free options are disappointing, but not at New Cascadia! Every tantalizing bite was flavorful and delicious. I was so so happy to finally have a slice of pizza that was gluten free and tasty.

I also got to sample some of their pies which were amazing, too. My favorite was the raspberry pie since it was tart and not too sweet. We were right in time for pie season since it was 4th of July weekend. :) We also took some challah to go and made French toast and devoured the tasty bagels. One unique thing about New Cascadia is that a lot of restaurants around town actually serve their bread and baked goods. This means that if you don’t have a chance to visit their bakery, you can still sample their tasty creations by visiting a restaurant that serves their bakery goods.

Groundbreaker Brewing - All The Gluten Free Beer Your Heart Desires!

Who says dreams don’t come true? I have been in love with Groundbreakers Gluten free beer for a while, but it’s straight up hard to come by. Well, I’ve wanted to eat at the brewery but somehow didn’t make it on my last two trips to Portland. Finally, I made it into Groundbreaker Brewing on this most recent trip and it was worth the wait because it was absolutely delicious! One thing I love about this place is that the beer is 100% gluten free and is made (any guesses?) chestnuts! I love how creative restaurants are getting these days! It seems they are constantly coming up with new gluten free recipes. Best thing about Groundbreaker is that we got to taste ALL of their beers because they’re all gluten free. We didn’t have to worry if there would be cross contamination or traces of gluten that could end up in our beer and be a bad situation. It was truly a treat to try so many different beers. We also got the special opportunity to meet the owner when we took a brewery tour to see where all the magic happens.

As if the beer already didn’t make for a perfect experience—their food is amazing, too. They have a gluten free fried chicken or chicken bowl, depending on what time of day you come in, and it was so good! I think I have only had fried chicken one other time that was safe so this was a real treat and it was so good. I was with my family and we all tried something different so we could sample a lot of the menu, which is filled with a variety of delectable options. Again I found myself wishing my stomach could eat all the delicious food on offer, from sandwiches to cornbread, there was no shortage of tasty gluten free options. This was an experience to remember!

Schilling Cider House - 100% Gluten Free Cider and Appetizers

Schilling Cider House was another amazing stop and this is where I actually hosted my book signing since it was 100% gluten free! They have over 50 ciders on tap and even brew their own. In addition to tasty ciders they have a menu of various tasty appetizers and snacks including rissoto balls, hand dipped corn dogs, tacos and more to keep you full during your cider explorations. Bonus that they have a really nice pet-friendly patio to take advantage of the sunshine on a nice day. Of course I brought along my furry friends, Frenchie Beach Babies!

Corbett & Hawthorne Fish House - Comforting Gluten Free Seafood Dishes

How often do you come across fish and chips in a 100% gluten free restaurant? Basically never. This was a real treat to be able to stop in to Corbett Fish House and eat this delicious dish without worrying if I’d get glutened. The menu has a variety of fish options that you can chose from, and you can even select from light battered vs gluten free beer battered and pair it with fries and a gluten free beer, including Groundbreaker! Yum!

Petunias Pies & Bakery - Gluten Free and Vegan Bakery in Portland

Petunias Pie & Bakery is a bright and colorful gluten free bakery in SW Portland. All of the delicious bakery items are also 100% gluten free. Oh, and did I mention they are also completely vegan? Talk about a dietary restriction smorgasbord. You won’t find menu limits here! On weekends they have waffles and donuts, but unfortunately we missed that as we were only able to make it on a weekday, but I would have loved to try those! We did try the biscuits and gravy and pie and it was quite tasty. If you love baked goods but are gluten free and vegan, this is a must stop on your gluten free food trail through Portland!

On My List For Next Time…

I wish I had more time because there are so many more gluten free places to eat in Portland that I want to try! Next time I’m in Portland, some gluten free places on my radar are Tiny Moreso, Harlow, Gluten Free Gem, Back To Eden, , Butterfly Belly Asian, Bang Bang and Cultured Caveman. Let me know if you have been to any of these and which other gluten free restaurants are your favorites!

Are You A Portland Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurant And Want To Be Featured Next Time I Am In Town?

I am always on the hunt for amazing gluten-free food options when I travel. Please reach out and tell me about your restaurant and I will let you know when I am back in the city.

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