Life Aboard A Croatian Sailboat For A Week


I just got back from one of the most amazing experiences of my life: exploring Croatia aboard a Sail Croatia private sailboat.

Croatia is located on the border of Central and Southeast Europe. Combining ancient European architecture with beautiful Mediterranean waters and tons of islands to explore, Croatia just so happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. So it’s no surprise that exploring Croatia by Sailboat makes for a unique and memorable European vacation.

I am not going to lie, the thought of being on a sailboat for a week made me a little apprehensive because I get sea sick easily. I was not quite sure how I was going to survive living on a boat for a week, but it was much easier then I anticipated. Fortunately the waters of the Adriatic Sea are fairly calm and I had my doctor prescribe Transderm Scope patches that really helped.

With that matter taken care of, let’s get to all the good stuff! Sailing around Croatia was more than just a vacation, it was an experience I’ll remember forever. Our home for the week was “The Libertine”, a brand new 46’ sailboat with all the modern amenities you could wish for.

Why explore Croatia by sailboat? Well, the waters are crystal clear, and each island has its own magic in store for you. The mesmerizing water is 50 shades of blue, and beneath the surface are curious fish inviting you to explore their home.

For a full itinerary of where we stopped make sure to check out my blog post, The Ultimate Croatian Sailing Itinerary.

The Freedom To Explore Croatia Your Way

The great thing about being on a private sailboat is that we could go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Each day we would sail to a new destination and stop at scenic swimming areas along the way where we could float or explore on a SUP. At night, we docked in nearby marinas, which I welcomed since the boat barely rocked at night while we were sleeping. Having our own sailiboat made the experience much more unique and intimate as we could choose where and when we wanted to go. It was not your typical tourist trap itinerary, which made it feel really special.

So how was it living on the boat for a week? Pretty epic!

Sleeping Aboard The Libertine

There were five cabins and four bathrooms onboard The Libertine. I was worried that it was going to be tight quarters with eight of us, but it was actually quite comfortable and we never really felt like we were in each others way. While our cabin was cozy, we really only used it for sleeping. Aside from one, all the marinas we docked at had full showers and bathrooms so we took advantage of the facilities for getting ready since it was much roomier than our cabin bathroom. Fortunately, the waters calmed at night and I barely felt like the boat was rocking, which made it easy for me to sleep without feeling any sea sickness. Overall, sleeping aboard The Libertine was a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Cooking and Eating

We stocked up on groceries before we left Split to easily prepare meals in the boats fully equipped kitchen. Restocking along the way was easy because each of the islands we visited had farmer’s markets or small grocery stores. We mostly had breakfast and lunch on the boat and ate dinners at new spots each night.

Mostly we had eggs and coffee for breakfast and lunches were either a big salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and cheese or a cheeseboard with some gluten free bread, prosciutto, cheeses and olives. These quick and easy meals alleviated us from having to cook too much while the boat was in transit to our next destination. Naturally, we stocked up on Croatian wine and Somersby gluten free ciders to enjoy a cocktail or two on our adventure. What’s a vacation without some delicious refreshments?

Adventurous Days At Sea

With Sail Croatia, each day was a new adventure. On leisurely mornings we lounged and enjoyed our breakfast and coffee with no rush. Other days we’d quickly eat breakfast and be on our way sailing to our next destination. Once we set sail to our next island we would often stop at a scenic swimming area to dip in the water and explore a cove or bay and have lunch. After our days of exploring, we’d head to the marina around 5 p.m. to secure a spot for the night.

Our days sailing were mostly spent on deck. The front of the boat was great for sunbathing and savoring the scenic views of the thousands of islands dotting Croatias picturesque coast. The rear of the sailboat had a table and comfy couches perfect for breaks in the shade or napping in the fresh ocean breeze.

We only got to sail with the sails and wind two times, but it was a beautiful and memorable experience. One of my favorite parts was sitting in the front of the boat while we were sailing. I felt like I was flying over the water like a seagull and experiencing the magic of the boat gliding on the clear waters beneath us.

Our Skipper

We had an awesome skipper named Sika that made the journey amazing. He always made sure we were taken care of and guided us through any concerns we had. Most importantly, he made everything safe and secure. He was very helpful in collaborating on where we should sail to next and taking all factors like weather and wind into account when it came to planning. For those interested, Sika gave sailing lessons which was pretty fun if you wanted to take the reins of the boat for a bit.

Packing List for Sailing in Croatia

Overall, the boat was well equipped but here are a few of my packing recommendations:

  • LED tea light candles for ambiance in the evenings

  • Klos travel guitar because music is a must while sailing (Code TRAILTOHEALTH50 gets you $50 off!)

  • You’ll want to pack light, so a soft sided bag helps for tight sleeping quarters like a sailboat cabin

  • The marina in Hvar/Palmizzana had laundry facilities so you can really pack light and do some washing mid trip if you have to

It’s easy to see why exploring Croatia by sailboat is an epic adventure; the sights, the slow-paced travel, the lively marinas, and the friendly skipper all contributed to a vacation that stands apart from the rest.

Are you ready to live on a sailboat for a week? Check out Sail Croatia for amazing options to personalize and book your perfect Croatian getaway.

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