Ultimate Gluten Free Travel Snacks

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Traveling as a Celiac or someone with dietary restrictions can be al little tricky, but fortunately it is getting a lot easier with some planning and knowing what snacks to bring and pack. Lucky for you I have put together my ultimate travel snack list to make it as easy and tasty as possible.


R-Bar Energy Bars

RBars have quickly become one of my favorite snack bars to have on hand. All the bars have 3-6 ingredients and are incredible tasty. I particularly love the Blueberry Breakfast, Chocolate or Lemon Poppyseed. They can be a perfect breakfast on the go with some Bulletproof Coffee or a snack to take on a day of exploring. Make sure to use code TRAILTOHEALTH for 15% off your order.


Skinny Dipped Almonds

Skinny Dipped Almonds are my guilty pleasure. The raspberry flavor is out of this world and I am super excited that they have a mint chocolate flavor now. Mint Chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combos and the best part is it is my boyfriends least flavor, so I know if I have a mint chocolate chip treat in the house it will be safe, hehe. But in all seriousness, these almonds are the perfect craving when you want something sweet but want a healthier protein snack of almonds. Make sure to use code THETRAILTOHEALTH for 15% off your order.


Primal Kitchen Bars

Primal Kitchen makes an awesome variety of collagen bars and protein bars with great flavors including coconut lime and almond spice. I love these when I want to switch things up from R Bars and want some variety in flavors. Make sure to use code TRAILTOHEALTH for 10% off your order.


Keto Farms

These Keto Farms Packs are a new snack that I am super into. They are Keto snacks and oh so tasty. It is the perfect blend between savory and tangy and come in easy to transport snack packs. They are perfect to toss into your purse for a day of exploring or as a midnight snack after a night on the town. Make sure to use code THETRAILTOHEALTH for 10% off first order.


Pili Nuts

Pili Nuts have been an obsession for a while. I love that they are a more Keto friendly option to nuts and taste super smooth and buttery. They even have nut butters that you can take in single serve packs for a protein and healthy fat snack on the road. Make sure to use code TRAILTOHEALTH for 10% off your order.


Vital Proteins

Aside from having single serving collagen packs to mix into your coffee while on the road, Vital Proteins also have single serve beauty collagen packs that you can mix into your water. I actually really hate drinking plain water but love either sparking water or enhancing the flavor of my plain water with these yummy flavors such as Strawberry Lemonade or Lavender Lemon and you get 10g of collagen protein with each pack too! Win win! Make sure to use code TRAILTOHEALTH for 10% off order of $99 or more and stock up on all your favorite collagen products at the same time.


Thats It

For a long time I really cut out most fruit for my diet, but I have slowly been adding it back in and my body is actually liking it, especially berries and apples. I have fallen in love with Thats It bars. They literally are just what the name says, they only have strawberries and apples or whatever flavor you choose, its just the fruit and they are so tasty!


Skinny Crisps

Skinny Crisps me of cinnamon toast crunch but a healthier low carb version. They are a tasty snack for when you want something a bit sweet but flavorful with cinnamon. They have a few other flavors, but the cinnamon is definitely my fave.


Tutti Gourmet Bites

I am really loving these Tutti Gourmet Bites. They come in a variety of flavors and the ingredients are very clean and simple. They make for a perfect light snack when traveling and are a grain free and refined sugar free making them a less guilty treat. You can snag them on Thrive or Amazon.

Epic Bars + Snack Bags

Epic Bars

Epic Bars are aways a favorite! There are the classic bars like bacon, salmon and beef and then there are new almond butter bars on the market and can satisfy the urge when you are looking for something sweet and chewy. The good news is they are sweetened with dates so if you are avoiding sugar these are a good treat for you. The ingredients are very clean and simple and I actually really like the chewy texture.


Bulletproof Collagen Bars

These Bulletproof Bars are incredible. They are small but powerful. One of these bars can satisfy hunger for hours. If you put them in the fridge or freezer they tend to hold up even better. The stevia flavor can be a little overpowering at first, but the energy you get from them is worth it. I definitely ALWAYS have one in my purse for when I feel like I am crashing and need a snack. 


Marios Olives

These olives are a great source of healthy fats and taste great. I am definitely an olive addict. I love the Mario Olives because they are packed in pouches with no liquid which makes them great for travel. There are multiple flavors, but my goto flavors are Black, KalamataGreen


Sea Snax

I love a salty crispy snack and Sea Snax don’t dissapoint. The thin layers of seaweed can come pretty plain and classic with olive oil and salt or you can opt for zesty lime or wasabi for a little kick. Though they may not be the most filling snack, they are sure to satisfy a salty craving.


Alter Eco

Let’s face it, sometimes we need some candy. I have 2 goto’s that I love. The first is these Alter Eco Coconut Clusters with almonds and cherries. The name basically says it all, they are a cluster of pure deliciousness and are sure to satisfy your need for something sweet.


Hu Chocolate Bar

I am always on the search for a clean chocolate bar and I love the Hu Chocolate bars, especially the ones with cashew butter and raspberry. The ingredients are super clean and they are sure quench your chocolate needs.

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This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission from purchases made through them, at no additional cost to you, which helps keep this content free. I only promote products I trust and use myself. Please see Disclosure Policy for more details.