10 Reasons To Try A Paleo Diet


Perhaps you’ve considered trying the Paleo Diet, but with so many diet fads, is it worth the leap? Here’s the truth: Paleo is not a fad, because at one point in time, it wasn’t a diet, it was a way of life. Millennia ago, our primal ancestors lived on lean meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds and eggs. No refined sugars or processed foods, simply au natural ingredients found from hunting and gathering. This way of eating created an agile, fit, strong body, which is why millions of years later, more and more people are choosing a Paleo diet. Whether you want to trim down, feel better, or have more energy and mental clarity, here are 10 reasons to try a Paleo diet.

Lowers Risk for Heart Disease

What causes heart disease? There are a variety of risk factors, but cholesterol is the most common culprit. Triglycerides are a form of fat found in blood and when levels get out of healthy range, the risk for heart disease significantly increases. Eating a paleo diet not only lowers triglycerides, but raises levels of HDL (good cholesterol), which helps keep LDL (bad cholesterol) within a healthy range.

Abundant Foods Sustain Your Tummy Longer

Empty calories that are high in carbohydrates ands sugar don’t sustain the body, which is why a diet of empty calories leads to overeating and ultimately weight gain. Protein sustains the body, minimizes hunger and is more nutritionally plentiful than carbs and fat. The Paleo diet relies on lean proteins to satisfy your hunger for longer periods of time. Protein combined with healthy fats like avocado and olive oil, and vibrant vegetables will help kick the hunger and keep you satisfied after meals.

Increases Energy Levels

Do you experience the notorious afternoon crash? One of the main reasons we get sleepy around 3 p.m. is due to dietary choices. For instance, sugary foods have a low glycemic index, meaning the sugar is absorbed less speedily than foods with a high glycemic index. Cutting out sugar helps boost energy levels because your body is abundant with high energy foods found in lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats.

Less Inflammation and Bloating

Here’s the deal, sugar and processed foods cause inflammation and bloating. Sure, you can take a fiber supplement, or you can incorporate foods high in fiber naturally with the paleo diet. Fruits and veggies are naturally fibrous, and a vital component of eating Paleo, they also happen to digest quicker and clear the intestines, effectively minimizing bloating. Not to mention you are cutting out inflammatory foods like gluten, grains and dairy, also notorious for bloat.

Clearer Skin

Not all skin issues can be traced to poor diet, however, eating clean, whole foods can help improve skin. For instance, diary is notoriously bad for skin, it triggers acne and because the skin and gut are related, what you eat ultimately shows through in your largest organ — the skin. Furthermore, a high-carb diet can cause hormonal imbalances which ricochet all throughout the body, skin included. While going Paleo doesn’t guarantee perfect skin, it’s highly likely that you’ll notice clearer skin from all the nutrients and minerals you’re getting from veggies and healthy fats.

Improves Metabolism

Protein builds muscle, and when we build muscle, fat cells shrink. When you eat a Paleo diet, you’re getting more fiber and protein, and building muscle that generates a healthy metabolism. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, and when food metabolizes better all sorts of outcomes occur, including weight loss, and building muscle.

Reduce Toxins in Your Body

Although toxins are everywhere (in the air, in our bodies, etc), they can also enter through our food, they’re sneaky like that. That said, a Paleo diet excludes processed foods that contain harmful additives or preservatives, thus eliminating foreign toxins from entering your body. A diet rich in organic vegetables and meats, including locally sourced ingredients, helps reduce your body’s overall toxic intake.

Eliminate Adverse Reactions to Common Food Allergens

Some of the most common food allergies include dairy and gluten. Guess what? With Paleo, you’re not eating those foods, so the likelihood of having an adverse reaction or getting glutened is eliminated. Say goodbye to brain fog and pesky allergic reactions. If you need more reasons on why you should eliminate gluten, check out my blog post on exactly that.

Connect to the Kitchen

Although media would love us to believe that cooking is inconvenient, it’s a time-honored tradition that a Paleo diet allows us to reconnect with. Whenever you adopt a new diet, there’s naturally an adjustment period. That’s why it’s crucial to have go-to recipes that you trust, are delicious, and healthy. My cookbook, Wandering Palate, is a 28-day Paleo meal plan full of over 120 recipes. You might just reconnect with the kitchen because they’re so yummy and I made it easy for you with shopping lists and meal plans! Of course, we all get busy, but cooking can be an incredibly joyous process, especially when you’ve got your favorite recipes, right at your fingertips.

Creates a Healthy Lifestyle

We have one life, one body, and one chance to live it to the fullest and treat our bodies right. Adopting a Paleo diet isn’t just segmented to your eating habits, it’ll change your entire lifestyle. With the energy and wellbeing you experience from eating Paleo, you’ll welcome abundant health benefits.

Now, are you ready to try Paleo?

If you need some support in the transition, I offer health coaching sessions and can help you transition as smoothly as possible. I have been following a Paleo lifestyle since 2012 and have quite a few tips and tricks up my sleeves. Book your discovery session today to see how I can help you.

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