ACT Therapy At Infusio


I recently did ACT Therapy through Infusio at the beginning of March and have been really happy with my results. 

I was already 18 months post SVF Stem Cell Therapy and doing really good but for a few minor issues that had not resolved which is Hashimoto’s and weight gain post cell therapy.

I was a little worried to rock the boat and do ACT because I was already doing so well, but I knew I still needed to get my Hashimoto’s under control as my Thyroid was still not optimal. 

I did start working with a new Thyroid doctor that has finally been able to help me get it stabilized and I think that between switching up my medication to T3 only now and doing ACT, my Thyroid is finally getting under control. My numbers are almost optimal and my antibodies are almost gone! 

As soon as I got ACT, I felt a sense of euphoria and felt really good. It lasted a few hours and that night I definitely felt my immune system activating and felt achey and feverish. It was mellow, but something was going on. For a minute I worried that I made a bad decision, but I trusted the process and it did go away after a few days. I also experienced some fatigue post ACT that lasted about 2 weeks. 

Another strange thing that happened was with my appetite! This also happened to me post SVF but I had no appetite for a couple weeks and I was only craving veggies, when I am typically a big meat eater. 

Once I got through the weird symptoms and things settled down about 3 weeks later I felt AMAZING. Like the best I might have felt in my life. I think a combination of ACT and my new Thyroid doses contributed to this. I had even more mental clarity, so much energy, and overall just felt happy and calm. 

I am now 3 months post ACT and continue to feel great from it. Definitely glad I did it, even though I was so far along in my healing and if my Thyroid is not optimal in a few more months I am considering doing it again. 

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