Weight Gain Update


If you have been following my blog, you know that I have struggled with weight gain post stem cells. Well, the good news is since adjusting my Thyroid to T3 only and getting ACT, I have lost 15 lbs! If you read my other post, no matter what I did it would not budge and on the contrary, I would just gain no matter what I tried so I am really happy to finally be on the downslope of it! 

Things I have done to finally budge the weight loss: 

ACT was a big one as I think it really helped to jumpstart my Thyroid even more. I also did 5 doses of Thymus after ACT and my antibodies are almost gone! 

I have always felt like my Thyroid is the root cause of my issue. I was taking Naturethroid but my labs were never optimal on it. I started seeing a new doctor which has really been able to figure out how to balance my Thyroid and has switched me to T3 only. I have been feeling SO GOOD since making this change and doing ACT and it is really helping to drop the weight. 

My reverse T3 was high (15+) and he said that in order to lose weight it has to be below 10. On my latest visit it was 5 so it's going down and the weight loss came too. 

Labs show that my leptin is a bit high as well pointing to leptin resistance. Again this value should be below 10 for weight loss and mine is hovering around 44. I am following Jack Kruse and Bulletproof’s recommendations for resetting leptin. One of the best ways to reset leptin is to get a lot of protein in first thing in the morning. My regular breakfast is typically 1 pasture raised egg and Bulletproof Coffee so I experimented with adding in Bulletproof Collagen and eating 2 eggs. Amazingly this is when I started to drop some of the weight. Who knew eating more in the morning could actually help you lose weight. 

This is a supplement that Infusio recommends and compounds as part of their home program. It is an enzyme that helps improve mitochondria as well as liver and thyroid. A bonus is that it can help burn off hormonal belly fat. I definitely have noticed an improvement since taking this and feel it is helping my body as well. 

I recently redid the DUTCH Hormone Test after ACT and my hormones are starting to get pretty balanced. My testosterone was super low so I am supplementing with that, which can also help the weight gain and also taking progesterone at night to help balance estrogen. The labs show that things are pretty well balanced now and that I don’t really show estrogen dominance anymore and I am methylating estrogen well, which I think improved with ACT as my test last October did not show this was optimal. 

I continue working out 4-6x per week so I am sure it is contributing to me not gaining more but no matter how much I have worked out it has not budged the weight. 

My diet also continues to be very clean. I experimented with cutting out Bulletproof Coffee and cutting back on saturated fats for a month but it actually stalled my weight loss. I didn’t lose during this time, yet when I consume healthy fats I actually continue to lose. Overall I keep my diet very low carb and lots of veggies and salad with grass fed meats or wild fish. 

I have been doing a lot of research into how the microbiome can actually affect your weight. There are specific probiotics that need to be present in your gut for weight loss so I am starting to incorporate some of those in. I JUST started so its too soon to tell if this will make a difference or not. 

I am happy to finally have a down swing on my weight. For a while, there was nothing stopping it so I am sure getting my Thyroid more balanced and ACT is playing a huge role in it starting to balance. I have always weighed around 120lb my whole life so I would ideally like to get back to that, but if I get somewhere in the 125-130 range I think I would be happy. Only about 32lbs to go! Sigh. 

WHATS NEXT I am definitely going to continue working with my new doctor on balancing my Thyroid and Leptin and am also excited to try the various weight loss probiotics. 


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