Stem Cell Prep: Days 5-10 In Frankfurt


I completed the last 7 days of my Stem Cell Treatments at Infusio Frankfurt. It was pretty cool to do half my treatments in Beverly Hills and half in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt office is definitely much more organized as they have been treating patients there for quite some time now. 
The clinic is beautiful. It feels like you are at a spa and the entire experience is very relaxing. Infusio makes the entire experience to Germany very easy. They provide you with an apartment for your entire stay and have a driver that takes you to/from the clinic and airport.
It was a little stressful getting to my first day of IVs. I spent the first few days of our trip in Barcelona to make a little vacation out of the trip and also try to recover from jet lag before I started my treatments. I was due to fly to Frankfurt on Aug 31 but the Frankfurt Airport was shut down and evacuated due to a bomb scare! It turned out to be a huge overreaction, but it also caused my flight to get cancelled. 

We got rebooked the next day for a 6am flight. Just as I was adjusting to jet lag, my sleep schedule got thrown off again having to get up at 4am for our re-booked flight. As soon as I arrived in Frankfurt we went straight to the clinic to start my treatments so it was a long day! 
Overall the IV days were a mix of IVs I have been getting over the past few years as well as some new ones. It was also nice that they added in some bodywork and Lymph drainage support. I also topped each day off with a Thymus injection. Thymus is probably one of my favorite treatments I ever did. It makes me feel so good!  

Day 5+6:  Thurs + Fri
The first 2 days of treatment focused on killing and detox. I also got a foot reflexology massage and did Lymph Drainage in the Slim Yonik which looked a bit like wearing a space suit! I felt great after the 2 days of IVs and we did a weekend trip to Berlin which was about 4 hours away via high speed train.

Slim Yonik Lymph Drainage

Slim Yonik Lymph Drainage

Day 7 Monday
Back to IVs after a weekend in Berlin! The main IV room is beautiful and very relaxing to sit in. More killing and detox to prep for my Stem Cells the following day. I also did a session on the laser bed which I had been doing 3x per week in LA. 

Main IV Room

Main IV Room

Day 8 Tuesday
Tuesday was my Birthday and the day I had the actual Stem Cell procedure! I thought it was going to be later in the week but it ended up being better it was early so I could heal a bit more before sitting on the long flight home. Check out my post all about the actual Stem Cell Harvesting

Harvest Day!

Harvest Day!

Day Off: Wed
I got the day after my Stem Procedure off from IVs. It was nice to have a day to sleep in and relax and recover from the liposuction. 

Day 9: Thurs
After the Stem Cells IVs are given to really feed and nourish the cells. It was a pretty mellow IV Day.

Day 10: Fri
Friday was my last day of treatments. I was feeling great from the Stem Cell buzz and all the IV’s that really do make you feel good. The last day Phil also tested all of my supplements on the Global Diagnostics to see which ones I should continue taking and which ones may be slowing me down. Fortunately, I am down to 3-4 supplements a day compared to over 80! I am so so happy about this. It had gotten to the point that some days I could not even take my supplements anymore because I was so sick of swallowing them.

It was really cool because as we were scanning my supplements, the ones I really don’t feel good with were coming up as not good for me and the ones I really like and do feel a difference with were showing aligned for my body! It was just a reinforcement that we really do need to listen to our bodies and intuition and if something does not feel good to us, it probably isn’t! 

After my last day of treatments, we rented a Mini from the dealership next door to Infusio and did some sightseeing up the Rhine River! It was a perfect way to end the trip, the whole journey and take advantage of the few good days from the Stem Cells. The little towns on the Rhine were beautiful and looked like Disneyland! It was perfect!  

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