Stem Cells At Infusio Frankfurt

Holding my Stem Cells

Holding my Stem Cells

I am back from getting Stem Cells at Infusio in Frankfurt

Overall the entire process was pretty amazing. I am really glad I went to Germany for my Stem Cells. Everything went smoothly, was easy and not stressful at all. It was also a nice perk to have a little bit of a vacation. I got to do some sightseeing mixed in with my treatments and cash in some of my travel awards I have been accumulating as I pay for my Lyme Treatments. 

The Infusio clinic in Frankfurt is absolutely beautiful. It feels like you are at a spa instead of a medical clinic. They serve you fresh bone broth and fresh green juice everyday during your IVs which I really loved. I have found myself craving green juice since I have been back, which really isn't a bad craving to have!  

Bone Broth and Fresh Squeezed Green Juice During IVs

Bone Broth and Fresh Squeezed Green Juice During IVs

I had 7 days of treatments in Frankfurt which I talk about in more details in my post about my IVs in Frankfurt

The Stem Cell harvesting happened to be on my birthday which I looked at as one of the best presents I could get on my birthday:) I never quite imagined I would be spending my 36th birthday getting a mini liposuction and harvesting my own Stem Cells but alas there I was! Next years birthday will be an extra special, double birthday! 

The Stem Cell harvesting was the worst part of the entire experience, but Philip Battiade was great through the whole experience. The entire harvesting procedure took about 30min including incision, numbing and harvesting. The procedure was done with local anesthetic and all my fat was accessed with 2 tiny incisions on each side of my waist that are no more than 1/8” long. I am not going to lie and say it was easy. Even with the local anesthetic, it was quite painful, but more than anything it was a very odd feeling to have something poking around under my skin. Fortunately, it was over fairly quickly. 

Harvested Stem Cells

Harvested Stem Cells

After my Stems were harvested the magic happens to “wash” the fat away and keep the cells and necessary growth factors. I got to be in the room while he went through this process and it was fascinating to watch the entire process. It took less than 90 minutes to prep my Stem Cells at which point they were given back to me via IV in less then 30min. 

Getting my Stem Cells back via IV

Getting my Stem Cells back via IV

The day of the Stem Cells I felt pretty good, aside from the pain in the liposuction area. You wear a compression bandage for 24 hours as things start to heal. After 24 hours I was able to remove it and shower normally. It definitely felt like I did 1000 sit-ups and was very sore. I am 10 days out and my abs are still a little bit sore if I try to bend down or lift heavy things so I am taking it easy and letting my body heal, but overall I can function normally. 

The first week after Stem Cells I felt AMAZING. My head was clear, I had energy, my anxiety was gone, I felt great. It was a nice glimpse of what feeling good and healthy is supposed to be like. If this week was any indication of what I am going to feel like after my Stem Cells heal me it was amazing. Typically after the stem procedure, patients tend to have a few days to a week of feeling great. After that, most end up having a “crash” where you feel tired and have lots of ups and downs. This is totally normal and expected as your body enters repair mode.
The first 100 days after Stem cells are the most critical days when the cells are replicating. There are lots of ups and downs as the Stem Cells go through my body and repair damaged tissues and remodulate my immune system. It's important to rest and take it easy during this time. It was hard to tell after the first week if I had officially crashed because I was also dealing with some intense jet lag, but I can officially say I am in the repair mode phase and needing a lot of rest. 

Quite a few people have been asking me why I chose to go to Infusio for Stem Cells over some of the other many new Stem Cell Clinics that have been popping up lately. Here are some of my reasons. 

1. Infusio Has A Great Track Record Healing Lyme
First off, I chose them because they have a great track record treating Lyme. They have been treating it for quite some time in the Germany Clinic and had great success. I don’t feel that some of the other Stem Cell clinics really have experience in how to treat Lyme specifically and Lyme is such a complex disease I think it's important to have a good understanding of it and its complexities. Stem Cells in the US have mostly been used for joint repair, and as a side effect doctors realized it was healing Autoimmune Conditions. Infusio has been doing Stem Cells specifically for chronic illness and I feel they have more experience in using Stem Cell Therapy for Lyme, not just joint repair.
2. Most Clinics Do Not Have A Prep Protocol
Philip Battiade has developed his own protocol to prep your body and maximize the stem cells you get. His protocols are customized to your own case and what he feels will be the most helpful protocols for your body. With his protocols, he is able to yield extremely high Stem Cell counts. His average is 500-700 Million Stem Cells! Most other clinics typically only yield 5-7million Stem Cells. That is a HUGE difference. A lot of the treatments and IVs were very in line with what I have been doing already so I really felt the protocols would build onto therapies I had already done. 

3. My Body Did Well With Infusio's Treatments
Before doing Stem Cells I had been going to Infusio for IV’s and tried out some of their protocols. I really liked that they offered some new treatments that I had not been able to try anywhere else. I did great with Thymus Therapy and the 10 Pass ozone so I felt my body was really responding well to their treatments and protocols. 

4. I Connected With Phil
I first met PhilBattiade at a lecture he gave to the LA Lyme Group on Stem Cells. I was really intrigued by his approach to treating Lyme and how the Stem Cells worked. I thought he had a great understanding of Lyme, our bodies and how to rebuild our immune system, something that I had not been able to achieve with my other protocols. In the appointments I had with Phil I thought he was very compassionate and understanding and a very good listener and communicator. I think this is very important to have this with any practitioner you work with. You definitely have to feel like you “click” and can trust them and my intuition told me that Phil was a good fit for me. 

5. I Used My Own Cells
I really liked the idea of using my own cells for immune modulation and to rebuild me from the inside out. There is another Stem Cell Clinic in India that has some Lyme Experience but uses Embryonic Stem Cells. Aside from an ethical issue with Embryonic Stem Cells, there are also health concerns. Since Embryonic Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells, they have the ability to become any type of cell, including cancer cells. If you have any cancer cells in your body, you run the risk of having them reproduce very rapidly. If you use your own stem cells, this is not a concern. 

6. People Were Healing Right Before My Eyes
There have been quite a few "Stem Cell Pioneers" as I like to call them, that went through the Stem Cell process and procedure before me. Most of these people were all getting better and recovering right before my eyes! It was pretty amazing to see the recovery that was happening so quickly. I realize that what works for one person may not work for another, but when the majority of people are doing better from it, I think it's worth taking the gamble on it. 

7. I Was At The Immune Modulation Phase Of My Treatment
I personally believe that in order to fully heal from Lyme you have to address 5 key pieces. 
Bug Killing, Detox (metals, mold, etc), Dental Issues, Emotional Healing and Immune Modulation. I had done a good job working on the first 4 phases, but my intuition was telling me it was time to work on immune modulation and getting my immune system to not be so over reactive. The treatments I had been doing up to this phase did not address immune modulation and there are not a lot of options for this phase of healing. Thymus and Stem Cells seem to be the best things that can address this phase and I had great results with Thymus. In my gut, I knew Stem Cells were what needed to be my next step.

8. I Had A Good Gut Feeling.  
Through this entire healing journey, one huge lesson I have learned is to listen to my intuition and trust my gut. My intuition was insisting that Stem Cells will be my grande finale so I chose to follow my gut and see what it brings this time. 

9. I Believe In The Treatment
I think its so so important to believe in whatever treatment you are pursuing in order to heal! Right now I fully trust and believe that my Stem Cells will heal me. 

If you are considering Stem Cells, I highly recommend Infusio in Frankfurt

I plan to write weekly updates to track my progress. Check out my updates from Week 1.

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