My Stem Cell Journey Recap


It has been over 2 years since I did my SVF Stem Cell Therapy in Sept 2016 through Infusio. This treatment has given me back my life and I am alive and thriving today. I get a lot of inquiries from people interested in doing the treatment and asking how I am doing so decided to put together a little recap with some facts about my personal journey. 

How long did I go undiagnosed?

I went undiagnosed from Lyme for 2 years. I got multiple mis-diagnosis or additional diagnosis, but Lyme was clearly my root cause. If you are interested you can read about my Lyme Symptoms at the peak of my condition. 

How long did I treat before Infusio?

I treated for 2.5 years before going to Infusio with every natural treatment you can think of, except Bee Venom Therapy and Hyperthermia. I almost did do Hyperthermia but turned it down.   

What state was I in when I went to Infusio? 

I would say I was about 50% better from my other treatments. I was functional compared to where I had been but I was not alive. I was more in a survival mode getting through each day. My brain fog was so bad I could not work for 4 years. I started working again 12 weeks after SVF Cell Therapy.  You can read all about the details of my symptoms prior to Infusio

Did I have Co-Infections?

Yes! I had pretty much all the co-infections. For me, Bartonella was the absolute worst, but I had a long list of other creatures in addition to Lyme. 

Did I have Metals, Mold and Parasites?

YES! I had it all. I had lived in a moldy apartment in grad school and I truly believe that is was started to tank my immune system, making me a perfect host when I got Lyme. I also had very high levels of metals, particularly Lead and Mercury. 

Do I have bad genes that don't Methylate well?

Yes! I truly think all Lyme patients do and that one of the reasons we get so sick. Post Stem Cell Therapy my methylation is optimal. 

Did I do blood or fat stem cells? 

I did SVF Therapy which is stem cells derived from my fat. These stem cells have the power to heal your nerves and damaged tissues, where as blood stem cells can only become immune cells and work better for modulating your immune system. Fortunately, SVF contains blood and mesenchymal stem cells so you get a dose of both with it. I only wanted to do a treatment that uses my own stem cells so cord blood and embryonic was out of the question for me and seemed risky.  

Why did I go to Infusio Frankfurt? 

Well, I didn't really have a choice. I wanted to go to Beverly Hills since I live in LA but it was a time that Infusio was going through a transition from a Naturopathic Practice to a Medical Doctor Practice and they did not have a physician at the clinic for about a month. I was already committed to doing my treatment during that time so they offered for me to do the same treatment in Frankfurt, so I cashed in some air miles and went. I did SVF Cell Therapy from my own fat in Germany so it is the same treatment they do at both locations now. 

Did I ever do antibiotics for Lyme? 

Nope. Didn't touch them. I did a lot of research before I chose the path of treatments I wanted to go down and antibiotics did not resonate with me AT ALL. I also followed a lot of patients stories and they all would feel good when they were on the antibiotics and feel terrible, if not worse when they came off of them. Not to mention all the side effects and damage to your body and gut from being on antibiotics so long. Nope. I knew part of my battle to heal from Lyme was going to be healing my Immune System as well and antibiotics do the complete opposite. 

How am I doing now? 

I am doing amazing! To be honest, I feel better than before I got sick most days, as long as I don't get glutened. I am able to work full time. Work on hobbies and side projects. I exercise every day, have a social life and travel when I want to. I also just wrote my first cookbook, Wandering Palate. This is not something I could have even dreamed of doing while I was still sick. I don't have any Lyme Symptoms whatsoever and I don't even consider myself sick with Lyme anymore. It is something I went through and has forever changed me, but it's not a part of me anymore. 

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