2 Year Stem Cell Update

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I just recently had my 2 years anniversary post stem cells at Infusio. I am still in remission and continue to not experience any Lyme symptoms whatsoever. Most days I feel better than before I got sick. This will probably be the last Stem Cell Update post I write except for maybe an annual remission report:) 

Thyroid / Hashimoto’s
My thyroid has come such a long way and is almost optimal! Doing ACT and more Thymus really pushed it in the right direction and I also have to thank a new doctor I started seeing in March. We completely did an overhaul of what I was doing for my thyroid and I am on T3 only now. My antibodies are almost gone and I have lost 20lbs of this stubborn stem cell weight! My energy, which was already pretty good also improved dramatically when I started taking T3 only. It has been a win win all around and I am so thankful to have finally found a doctor that knows what he is doing! I am planning to do a little more thymus to see if we can calm the autoimmunity component and finally get my thyroid under control.

My gluten reaction continues to take me down for a week when I get accidentally exposed but I am not sure there is much that can be done here. I have been working on my gut a little bit with various probiotics for weight loss and optimal gut flora so hoping maybe this helps my reaction a bit. I still feel like I lose a week out of my life when I get glutened, which unfortunately happens more often than I would like it to.

I am working with my new thyroid doctor on balancing my hormones. This still seems to be a bit off balance since stem cells, but it is a long process to get right. Mostly I am dealing with Leptin resistance, estrogen dominance and low testosterone which all take time to balance.

Weight Gain
If you have been following my journey, you know the post stem cell weight gain has been one of the worst things for me. Fortunately, ever since I did ACT and switched to T3 I lost over 20lbs, but I still have a ways to get back to my baseline (about another 25-30lb). It is still slowly coming off and I have tried almost everything to try and get it to fall off but at least it is moving in the right direction. My diet is impeccable and I work out regularly so there is definitely a hormonal component going on.

The weight gain has been a very humbling experience. As frustrated as I am with it, I remind myself that I rather be chubby and feel awesome, than skinny and feel like I am dying. That helps, but I would like to be back to my normal weight which has never gone higher then 120lbs ever in my life. 


I am still going strong in remission. These last few issues are things that I know will take time to balance from the years of damage from Lyme disease. As long as I feel amazing everyday and am accomplishing my life goals I am happy.

I recently finished writing my first cookbook, Wandering Palate and if I was not in remission today, that would not even be on my radar. I am thankful everyday for having made the decision to go to Infusio. It saved my life and gave me a new chance at life.

Maintenance Plan
Many people have asked me if I am still doing any treatments or maintenance for my health. In general, no I am not doing treatments other than the hormonal and thyroid work. 

I do think that in our journey back to health, we all find things that our body really likes and that are very supportive for us. For me, I really like ozone therapy and various IVs can help support me as well. 

If I am feeling a bit under the weather, I may get a Meyers IV to give my immune system a boost. I also do like to get a 10pass ozone every 3 months or so just to keep my body optimized and healthy. There is no reason to wait until we are sick again to start using some of the protocols that got us healthy. 

I am still very strict with my diet, which is mostly Paleo / Bulletproof. I feel so, so good when I eat clean that I would never go back to eating junky foods so I really think that is a key piece to feeling optimal. Fortunately, I don't have a sweet tooth so avoiding sugar continues to be easy for me.

I also still make sure to take care of my overall health with self care, good sleep, working out, getting sunshine and doing things that make me happy. This should be a big piece of everyones healthy maintenance plan. 

All in all, it feels amazing to have my life back and I intend to keep it this way 


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