Stem Cells: Week 10


I have been feeling so good! Something big shifted between week 9-10. Once I recovered from last weeks glutening I had a new sense of feeling great and clear. I can feel myself coming back to life. Yay Stem Cells! 

One of the main improvements I felt this week is that my brain is thinking more clearly, though my memory is still struggling. In my week 8 update I broke down the components of my brain fog and I noticed a huge shift in the fog portion of it this past week which is HUGE. Honestly, every other treatment I ever did would not chip away at my brain issues and it was so frustrating to deal with. I am not going to say my brain fog is totally gone just yet, because I want to make sure this is not just a few good days, that it's a lasting improvement, but I feel different. Good different. 

Overall this week I feel more alive too. Life looks brighter. Colors look more vibrant and I just feel different. I feel like the past 4.5 years I have been in a survival mode, getting through each day and this past week I feel like I am more motivated and happy to be alive. Life overall feels exciting again. We had some incredible warm and sunny weather all week here in LA which I know always helps me too. I consider myself solar powered as the sun really rejuvenates me. 

My energy has improved slightly as well, but I still get a lot of fatigue, which is totally part of the stem cell process so I am not as concerned with that symptom right now. Healing and repairing damage and tissues uses a lot of the bodies energy so I am still trying to not overdo it with external activities so that my body continues to heal. 

Each week I definitely have had noticeable improvements. I am in the home stretch now as I am in the last month of my 100 days. Honestly, the 100 days have been going by really fast and it has been incredible how much healing has taken place in the first 2 months. It was not all easy and I definitely had days where I felt like death, especially when you added the extra layer of being glutened, but now I feel like I have turned a corner. 

Most of the symptoms remaining are all Neuro symptoms which Phil says can take up to 9 months to heal. These symptoms include light and sound sensitivity, finger twitching, word finding issues and of course my short term memory.

I am planning to get labs done on my Thyroid this week to see how my Hashimoto’s is doing. I have already reduced my Compounded Thyroid dosage by 50% thanks to Thymus Therapy and am hoping to be able to completely come off Thyroid once the Stems heal me. 

I have also been able to successfully reintroduce 2 foods I was avoiding (apples + pineapple). I developed over 60 food allergies thanks to Lyme. Once my 100 days are up I will work on reintroducing the remaining foods one at a time and see if I can diversify my diet a bit. There are lots of paleo foods that I have had to avoid due to becoming allergic to them a few years back. I am hoping that between having avoided them for 2+ years, healing my gut and the stem cells I should be able to eat most of them again. 

All in all a great week! I am excited to see what week 11 has in store for me:)