Stem Cells: Week 11


Week 11 was great! I felt the best I have felt in 4.5 years this week! The most magical part of the week is that my brain worked! Most of you may not realize what a HUGE deal this is. For the past 4.5 years my brain has not worked at all. I have had the worst brain fog and my short term memory has been nonexistent. This week everything worked! I was as sharp as a whip! I could think of everything, I could remember everything! I would even test myself to see if it was true and it was! 

Week 9-10 I started to notice a shift and improvement in the brain area, but this week it was totally clear. If it continues into next week, I will call my brain fog GONE. You have no idea how happy I will be to officially be clear headed! No other treatment I did in the past 4.5 years even touched my brain fog, so if it's really gone, this is a true miracle. Yay Stem Cells! 

Other than that, overall life is improving. My energy was better this week, my neuropathy has been gone for a  few weeks now. My nails have gotten stronger and healthier. I have always had very brittle nails but now they are the strongest they have ever been. Is my Thyroid better? Maybe? I just retested my Thyroid and am hoping that I can start weening off my Thyroid hormone even more. Eventually, I hope to completely resolve my Hashimoto’s and not have to take any Thyroid hormone. 


I even traveled up to Portland with my pup Falkor to visit my parents and 92-year-old Grandmother for Thanksgiving and the travel was not overly taxing on me either. All and all a great week and I am looking forward to the continued improvement. 

I am in the home stretch of my 100 days! Excited to see what improvements continue this week. 

This Thanksgiving I am very very grateful for my Stem Cells and all the amazing healing that has taken place in the last 75 days. Can't wait to see what else my Stems will do for me. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!