Stem Cells: Week 13

Week 13 was a bit up and down due to this relentless cold I had, but once it finally started to clear, I started feeling great again. I was really excited that my immune system was able to clear it on its own, which in the past was something that never happened. I would always start off with a cold and it would turn into an upper respiratory infection or bronchitis or a nasty sinus infection so I can tell my immune system is definitely getting stronger! Yay! 

Some other big news this week too! As I heal, I have really been interested in going back to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor through Bastyr University. This experience has thrown me so deeply into the Naturopathic Medicine world and I feel like I want to do something to help people with everything I have learned along this journey. I decided that if I really wanted to make this dream a reality, I had to start putting the pieces in place. I am definitely not getting any younger, well actually I might be with my stem cells haha. 

My first pass at school got me a Master’s in Architecture, which unfortunately won’t do much for me applying to medical school. I do have to take quite a few science prerequisite classes before I can apply, so I started doing just that! Better late than never! 


I have been taking a fast paced Anatomy course on the weekends and much to my surprise I have been doing great in it. I was really, really worried about taking on an extra stress as I am still healing and also concerned that after 4.5 years of brain fog and memory issues that I would not be able to keep up, especially since it's so condensed and fast-paced. 

Much to my surprise, the complete opposite has been happening! First off, my brain works SO WELL. I honestly think it is working better than the last time I went to school! Something big shifted in my brain between week 9-10 and now that this cold is gone I feel so smart again. I also think going back to school and knowing so much about diet and biohacking is also helping me keep up. I know exactly what to eat to make me feel good, keep me energized and sustained for a full day of thinking. This is mostly thanks to my super clean Bulletproof Diet

I also have really been enjoying doing something productive with my time again. I have been able to work more and layer in school and studying into my days. It feels good to do something I enjoy and have goals again instead of just surviving day to day and feeling like a vegetable, which has been my last 4.5 years. 

I am getting close to my 100-day mark and am so happy with my results so far. Overall I am feeling 95% better most days and I know that the healing will continue! After my 100 day mark, I am going to play around with food reintroductions and can hopefully start to resolve some of my food allergies too! 

Getting Stem Cells was the best decision I ever made.