Stem Cells: Week 12

Week 12 was bittersweet. I traveled to Portland to visit my family for Thanksgiving and that was great. I also got to see my 92 year old grandmother during the holiday. It was nice to be able to do some traveling and reconnect with my family now that I am feeling better.  I am still allergic to Turkey so we made grass fed prime rib and it was amazing. 


I did great with all the travel but once I got home I got a cold!  In a way this cold is celebratory. After years of a dysfunctional immune system, its a cause for celebration that my immune system is now strong enough to mount an immune response, hence a cold, but it also sucks to have a cold. 

I was pretty bummed to get a cold, even though it's a good sign because I had seen such huge shifts between week 9-11 that I felt I was starting to feel like my old self. The good thing is I know this is just a cold and it's temporary to feel this way. To validate things for me even more, my boyfriend, also unfortunately, got the cold and he said he felt exactly the way I described it, brain fog, tired, spacey and congested. This alone makes me feel normal, and trusts that I will be back to where I was pre-cold if not better! 

Before the cold came in, I was really really feeling great, so I am hopeful I will be back to that once this cold clears.