Stem Cells: Week 7


I swear the Universe is challenging and testing me. 

I went into my 100 days thinking and hoping that these would be the most stress-free days of my life and they have been the total opposite. 

Each week has come with enormous external life stress and I am trying my best to manage.
This past week I thought the stress was starting to calm down and then my boyfriend had a surfing accident where the fin on his surf board gashed his leg and was so deep it nicked his Achilles Tendon. A few hours later in the emergency room, he ended up with 4 stitches inside and 7 outside and crutches. Fortunately, he is healing quickly and will make a full recovery but it was still stressful. It was like a scene out of Baywatch on Venice Beach.  


I really think all of this may be a lesson from the Universe. One of the things I have been struggling with as I heal is learning to let go, not have expectations and go with the flow. All things that are very difficult for this type A girl. 

I really believe that true deep healing is as much emotional and mental as it is physical. Maybe I am supposed to be going through some sort of deep healing and learn to deflect whatever life throws at me instead of letting it take me down? The ultimate lessons of stress management have been a big part of my Stem Cell healing. 

Maybe I am just reading too much into it. Who really knows.

That all being said, I have definitely continued to see improvements despite all the stress now that I am at the half way point. At week 7 I really felt a big shift for the better in how I have been feeling. I had a new sense of clarity, almost as if I could think slightly better and just felt better and lighter overall. My brain fog is still there and my short term memory issues have not improved, but Phil says the Neurological stuff can take quite a bit of time to heal, typically around 9 months. I definitely feel better though. I feel like I am coming back to life. 

I have also still maintained all the improvements to my joint stiffness and have still been able to continue working out each week which is a huge deal! This was not possible before Stem Cells. 

I am planning to do a 10 Pass Ozone to give my Stem Cells a little boost as I go into week 8 and hoping that will give me a boost of energy as well. I have been tired, but not excruciating all day in bed tired. Being tired is definitely part of the healing process as your body wants to put its energy into healing, not running around all day. 

Overall I am continuing to improve! Each week comes with another layer of improvement and I am excited to keep going with the process. I am getting there little by little.