Stem Cells: Week 6

Week 6 came with lots of ups and downs! I unfortunately felt like I got “glutened” last Friday night. It was a bummer because I had been feeling pretty good up until that point and it usually takes my body about 7 days to recover so I have been more tired and spacey than usual. I do feel like I am perhaps bouncing back from it a little faster as I felt better Wednesday and Thursday, so it will be interesting to see how I am feeling after Friday, once the 7 day recovery is behind me. No matter how careful I try to be, sometimes it just happens and it only takes a microscopic crumb to make me sick for a week. 

Aside from the gluten exposure, I have noticed a shift in how I felt once I passed the 6 week mark. I feel a bit more clear-headed and my energy feels like it's improving slightly, though I am still experiencing a lot of fatigue. Overall I think I am feeling better! 

Some other big shifts this week: 
I have been experiencing some sinus drainage/congestion for the past 2 weeks. Not debilitating, but just something is shifting and draining in there. It makes a lot of sense because my sinuses have always been a source of problems for me, especially from Mold Exposure when I was in Graduate School 10 years ago. I was also dealing with non-MARCONS Staph Infections in my sinuses, so it makes sense there is some work to be done in there. I am just imagining my Stem Cells hard at work to fix all the damage done to my sinuses.  


The relentless joint pain and stiffness is still totally gone! This is life changing. I have even been able to start doing Physical Therapy and doing very gentle pilates to start moving my body again. The main goal and reason for physical therapy is to start working on my pelvic floor muscle dysfunction that was caused by Lyme, but it's so nice to be able to work out again and rebuild strength. I went from doing yoga and pilates 5-6x a week pre-Lyme  to not working out at all for the past 4 years. 

In the past, if I tried to work out a few things would happen. First off, I could barely work out because of the extreme pain and fatigue I was experiencing. If I did have a good day and would work out very gently, I would feel ok during the workout but I would be wiped for days after due to issues with my mitochondria. 

I am 2 weeks into physical therapy and being able to work out more and I am happy to report that I feel ok while I am doing it and I don’t feel wiped afterward! This is HUGE for me. I do feel a little sore after, but that's what's supposed to happen when you work out:) 

Overall I am still experiencing a lot of ups and downs, and getting glutened did not help this. I still feel that I am improving overall, in spite of the ups and downs. As I recover from this glutening and start entering week 7 I am hoping for more energy and more ups..