I'm Getting Stem Cells!

Stem Cells are the next big step in my treatments and I am hoping one of the last. Overall I feel 50-60% better most days. My remaining symptoms are mostly in my brain. Brain fog, memory issues, focus, cognitive issues and neurological issues. I also still struggle with fatigue, tiring very easy, massive food allergies and Autoimmune Conditions that were triggered on because of Lyme. Thymus Therapy did help a lot with my energy, but it has dipped post cavitation surgery so I am hoping once I am fully recovered from surgery my energy will go back to where it was pre-surgery or better.
I have spent the past 2 years doing a lot of detox and killing. I think it has served me very well but I really felt I had plateaued with my treatments and was not sure I needed so much killing anymore. Overall my immune system is very hyperactive and at this point, I really feel I need to work on immune modulation. Thymus Therapy reinforced that for me based on how good I felt modulating my immune system vs more killing protocols. 

I am going to be doing Stem Cells with Infusio. I chose them because they have been doing Stem Cells in Germany for quite some time specifically for Lyme Disease and have a great track record. Overall the entire process is fairly easy. It's a set of 10 days of treatments and the Stem Cell procedure itself. The 10 days are a variety of supportive IVs to prepare your body for Stem Cells.  I have done the first few days of treatment at Infusio Beverly Hills and the remaining days will be at Infusio Frankfurt. 

There are a few different ways to have Stem Cell therapy from your own Stem Cells. Adipose, Bone Marrow and Autologous. Adipose, which is fat, contains larger amounts of Stem Cells then bone marrow which can be very painful to obtain. Autologous is another form of Stem Cells that Infusio does, which are harvested from your blood. Phillip Battiade, the founder finds that people with multiple conditions as myself tend to do better with Adipose vs Autologous so fat Stem Cells are the best choice for me. 

The procedure itself is quite simple. They will do a mini liposuction to harvest fat containing Stem Cells from my abdomen and love handles. It is done under local anesthetic and takes 30-45 minutes.  With Adipose Stem Cells the entire procedure is complete within a few hours. Your fat is harvested, the Stem Cells are separated along with various growth factors and then they are given back to you via IV within a few hours. Sometimes Stem Cells can be injected in specific parts of your body as well to target a particular area that may need repair. 

The Stem Cells basically work to recalibrate and rebuild what is broken in my body which has been decimated by Lyme. They can help to remodulate your immune system and can even turn off autoimmunity such as Hashimoto’s. 

All Stem Cells originate from bone marrow, but often Stem Cells harvested from bone marrow are not mature enough to use. Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells that can become any type of cells our bodies need. Our bodies use signals to send the Stem Cells to specific tissues that need to be repaired. Since they are your own Stem Cells there is no risk for rejection so overall the entire procedure is very safe. 

After the Stem Cells you go through a recalibration period for 100 days. For Adipose Stem Cells the first 4-6 weeks seem to be fairly up and down as your body heals and repairs. With Autologous Stem Cells the full 100 days are very up and down so fat Stem Cells seem to be a bit easier to bounce back from. During this time it's important to rest a lot and work on any emotional issues that may come up for you. From what I have heard from other patients, you will see a temporary resurfacing of old symptoms as the Stem Cells go through your body and repair the damage. It is important to nurture your body and sleep a lot during this time since your body rebuilds and repairs itself when you are sleeping.  

After Stem Cells it is important not to do any other forms of treatment in the 100 days as you really want the Stem Cells to have a chance to develop and do their work.  This is important because these other treatments may interfere with how the Stem Cells are replicating in your body. This means especially no antibiotics, steroids, immune suppressants and various medications etc. 

It is ok to do some supportive therapies such as lymphatic drainage, massage, infrared sauna as well as vitamin IVs such as glutathione or ozone. If possible it's best to limit even the supportive treatments because its good to give your body time to recalibrate and not do too much. You also will stop taking most of your supplements and medications in these 100 days and honestly that is one of the things I am looking forward to the most after 4 years of taking over 70 pills a day! 

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