I Am Going To Germany...For Stem Cells!

One of the main lessons I have been learning on this journey called Lyme is to learn to go with the flow and not have everything so planned out in life. I am a Virgo and a Type A personality that loves to be in control of everything. Sometimes life does not let that happen and I get disappointed and frustrated. Learning to let this go has been a critical step in my healing and stress level and its not an easy one to overcome and learn! 

This lesson is happening again regarding my Stem Cell treatment. I had planned to do my treatments here in LA. Everything was booked and everything was supposed to be perfect. Well of course life happened and turned my plans upside down. 

Due to logistical issues currently happening at Infusio Beverly Hills, I am now going to be doing most of my Stem Cell therapies at the Frankfurt, Germany Infusio Clinic! I want to be clear, that when I say logistical issues this has nothing to do with the stem cells, the medicine, the procedures or treatments. This is purely an issue with staffing, scheduling and appointments available at the Beverly Hills office.

I spoke with the founder, Philip Battiade and he feels I will have a much better treatment experience if I go to Germany and he prefers to treat me there, so now I am going to Germany!  I officially booked my travel and will be doing treatments in Germany Sept 1-9. 

Fortunately, Infusio works as an all inclusive sort of program so the cost will be the same to me and I will have an apartment with a kitchen as well as a driver to take me back and forth to the clinic in Frankfurt. They seem extremely organized over there which is a nice change from the LA office. Once I get there, things should be very easy. 

I will be having a total of 10 days of IV treatments to prepare my body for the stem cells. The treatments will be a variety of IVs and other various treatments which I will document daily to share my experience. 

The first 3 days have taken place here in Beverly Hills and the remaining 7 days of treatment will be done at Infusio in Frankfurt Sept 1-9.  

At first I was really stressed out about having to travel to Germany. There are extra logistics and planning involved, dog sitters and of course having to travel. But now I am starting to get really excited about it. Travel is one of my favorite things, and though this will be far from a vacation I think it will be healing in and of itself to be immersed in a new culture and some place new. My boyfriend and I are even planning a little trip to Berlin on the weekend in between my treatments if I am feeling good. 

That being said, I did have my first few appointments here at the LA office. I have written a post about my experience on the first days and what IVs I have done so make sure to check that out. 

Stay tuned for more updates as I head to Germany! 

UPDATE: Check out my Stem Cell Recap Post!

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