100 Days Of Stem Cells

Well, I am officially into my 100 Day Stem Cell Recalibration period! A lot of people have been asking me if I feel better or if I am cured, and the short answer is NO, but don’t let that answer scare you! 

Stem Cells are not an overnight fix or cure for Lyme Disease. As with all Lyme Treatments, I am going to feel worse before I feel better. The Stem Cells also do not specifically treat or kill Lyme, so the answer may confuse people as to how they are going to help me. 

Then What Do Stem Cells Do? 
The Stem Cells are working to remodulate my Immune System and rebuild tissue and organs that have been damaged by years of chronic illness. My Stem Cells are working hard to go through my body and address all the damage that has been done and are replacing cells that need to be repaired.

By remodulating my immune system, the Stem Cells are healing it so it works properly again. A common issue with Chronic Illness, specifically Lyme is that it tanks our immune system and impairs how it works. We develop Autoimmune Diseases and Food Allergies and our Immune system just does not know what to attack anymore. Add to that the fact that Lyme likes to hide and evade our Immune System, it leaves your Immune System on constant high alert playing cat and mouse looking for bacteria. You end up with an immune system attacking healthy tissues instead of Lyme Disease. 

Stem Cells get your immune system working properly and instead of having an overactive immune system, it knows what to fight and not fight. Stem Cells also help your immune system learn how to detox properly so it does not hold onto metals and other toxins. Stem Cells strive to get everything working right, and when everything works right your immune system is able to keep what Lyme Disease and other bacteria that is remaining in your body under control. It cleans the “terrain” of your body so that Lyme and toxicity does not have a place to live and thrive in your body. 

It's important to remember that there is no cure for Lyme Disease. Even when caught early, Doxycycline does not kill Lyme. Doxycycline works to slow the replication cycle of Lyme so that it gives your body and immune system a chance to get ahead and kill it on its own. Most people have been exposed to Lyme Bacteria, but the health of your immune system determines whether you get symptoms and become chronically ill or not.  

Most of the top Lyme Doctors all agree that you will never kill off every last Spirochete of Lyme bacteria. What you can strive for is to get your body balanced and healthy and keep your immune system strong so that it no longer presents symptoms or issues and you can lead a normal and healthy life. People that succeed with Stem Cells are able to live normal, healthy and symptom-free lives. It's important to still maintain the healthy lifestyle habits you developed while healing such as clean diet, detox etc, but you should be able to live a symptom-free life once you heal. 

Stem Cells work to heal our bodies for a full year, but the first 100 days are the critical window they need to give them their best chance. During the 100 days it's not uncommon to feel tired or feel a resurfacing of old symptoms. It is important to rest and sleep as much as possible and nourish your body with healthy foods. 

My body is going to be going through a lot of repair, a lot of detox and a tremendous amount of immune modulation to get my immune system working properly again. The process may not be pretty, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.  

Its important not to take any antibiotics, immune suppressants or steroids during the 100 days as it can interfere with the stem cells. Fortunately, I do not take any of those things. I was taking A LOT of supplements and was able to drop that down to 3-4 things per day. Its also important not to do any other treatments or protocols during the 100 days. Acute ozone to give your body a boost is ok, but its best to let the Stem Cells do their thing. Honestly, this is one of the pieces I am looking forward to the most after having constant medical appts for the past 4 years. Its so nice to just rest and let my body heal itself for some time now. 

During the 100 days it's also important to address any emotional issues that may come up. Emotional health is a huge component of healing from any Chronic Disease. That being said, during this time I am giving myself some “homework”. 

My Homework For The Next 100 Days: 


I am planning to give my body a lot of rest. Even if I have energy, I am still going to rest. I want all my energy to go into healing my body right now and not external things that could potentially wear me out. 

Practice Patience & Going With The Flow
This is always a tough one for me being a Type A Virgo, but I am going to do it! I have not made any plans for myself for the next few months, which in and of itself is a huge step! I am taking each day by day and working with what each day brings. Also, I am working on being patient. The Stem Cells are not an overnight fix and I know I will have some rough days before I start to have good days, and I am practicing being ok with that. 

Remind Myself I Am Not Alone
When things may seem difficult I will remind myself I am not alone in this stretch of my healing journey. I like to visualize an army of 548 million new cells that are now on my team and helping me heal and rebuild. I also remind myself that I have met an amazing community of people that have done Stem Cells and are healing their bodies with similar protocols, not to mention the incredible practitioners I have on my team.

Emotional Work
I have been reading Amy B Schers book How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can. It is a really great support guide for dealing with the emotional factors that keep us sick. I have been trying to integrate some of the practices I am learning from it into my daily life such as EFT. 

Eat Nourishing Foods
I am already pretty strict and clean with my diet, but I am going to make sure I am really listening to my body and eating healthy during my 100 days. My cells are working hard and need to be nourished! I have noticed I do not have much appetite, and I am not sure if its because my body is putting energy into healing instead of digestion. I am taking note of it and going to try to do more foods that are easy to digest, yet nourishing like bone broth, gelatin and green juices. 

I go through phases with my meditation practice. It's hard to make it a strict habit, but I am going to try really hard during my 100 days to make it a habit and meditate at least 1x per day. I can’t use my regular excuse that I am too busy right now so I have no excuse not to do it. 

Beach & Sunshine
The beach is very healing and energizing for me. Sometimes I make excuses for myself not to go to the beach, even though its 1.5 blocks away. During the 100 days I am going to try to not listen to the excuses in my head and go to the beach anyway, even if its just 30 min a day. Every time I go out there and sit in the sand I feel 100x better. 

Giving Myself Permission To Chill
Another downside of being a Type A is I always feel I have to be “doing” or be “productive” in order to be ok with myself. I have come a long way, but I still find it really hard to relax and just be. I always have an immense feeling of guilt come over me if I am not doing something productive.  I am promising myself that during these 100 days it's ok to just chill and be and not do anything. Even if I can do it for 5min a day that is a huge start for me. 

I want to make sure to stay consistent writing for my blog. I find it very healing to get things out of my head and into the world. I love sharing my experience on this journey to health and seeing how much it benefits others on their own journey. 

Being Present
More than anything I want to practice being present, listening to my body and giving it exactly what it needs in each moment so I can fully heal. 

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