Stem Cells: Week 1

It has been just over a week and a half since I got my Stem Cells:) 

I am planning on posting weekly updates so make sure to keep checking back for news and updates on my progress.  

The first week while I was still in Germany I felt AMAZING. If that was any sort of glimpse of where my Stem Cells are taking me, it was magic. I felt so clear-headed, calm, energized. Everything was great. Since flying home things have been a bit rougher, which is to be expected.

After the Stem Cell procedure you usually have up to a week of feeling great, and then you experience a “crash” while the Stem Cells go into repair mode.

For me, it was hard to tell exactly when and how the crash came on and how it felt since I was also experiencing some pretty intense jet-lag from the journey home from Germany. Some things I have noticed going on since being home, which I am attributing to the Stem Cells doing their thing is:

Brain Fog
My brain fog has been worse than usual. I am hoping this has to do with my Stem Cells going into my brain which is where I need them the most! 

I have had a weird headache in the front of my head and behind my eyes for about a week now. Again I really hope this is the Stem Cells at work as I have a lot of symptoms in this area.  The headache is not debilitating, just more a nuisance. 

I have been more tired than usual, but the fatigue comes in waves. Some moments I feel pretty good then I get a wave of fatigue. Overall I am trying to take it really easy and rest, especially after all the air travel and jet lag. 

More Sensitive To Smells
I have noticed I am more sensitive to chemicals and off gassing. I was already pretty sensitive but am finding in this past week I am more sensitive for some reason. I am hoping this does not stick around! 

Lack Of Appetite
I am not as hungry as I usually am. I am attributing this to my body wanting to put more of its energy into healing and repair vs digestion. I am still eating very healthy but going to focus on some foods that require less digestion such as bone broth and green juice. I have been craving green juice a lot since being back! I think my body got used to drinking one every day during my IV’s at Infusio! 

I am now officially into the first critical 100 days which is when my Stem Cells will work their magic. During this time I will most likely experience a lot of ups and downs. From what I hear it can be pretty rough and exhausting, but it's part of the process. It takes time for your body to repair and rebuild, and resting is the best way to let it heal.

I am planning to take it really easy for the next 100 days and let my body do what it needs to do to heal. The nice part is I do not have to do any IVs or new protocols during this time which is going to be such a nice break from having constant IVs and treatments. It is definitely one of the pieces I am looking forward to the most, aside from the Stem Cell healing! After 4 years of constant medical appointments, it's going to be a welcomed change! 

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