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Last summer I had an amazing opportunity to be filmed for a Netflix Documentary called Afflicted. The show follows seven people with chronic illnesses searching for answers and for someone that can help them. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to help Bekah Fly on her journey. She had found me via my blog and booked a health coaching session with me since I also experienced Mold and Lyme Disease. Episode 4 does not go into our entire session, but I conducted a 60-minute Health History Session to get to know her and what she is struggling with.  I can't divulge everything we talked about to protect her privacy, but I can say that she felt it was very positive for her and in the end she said she felt very connected to me since I had gone through similar issues. I was so glad to be able to help provide some guidance on her journey back to health. 

Afflicted really showcases how patients go from doctor to doctor and struggle to get the right diagnosis or help. We think of doctors as these mystical unicorns that have all the answers, when in the end they are just humans that know very little about chronic disease. Most western doctors have to follow set protocols and guidelines set by overseeing agencies and are not permitted to practice outside of that. Essentially they will plug your symptoms into a software (think WebMD) and they get an output that is your treatment. This does not work for patients that are chronically ill with complex conditions. These patients bounce for doctor to doctor looking for answers and are ultimately left to fend for themselves.  It is rare that they find someone who will actually listen to them and try to piece together to puzzle pieces of their story. I know this from my own 6 year journey with Chronic Illness.

Since Bekah experienced similar issues to myself, I recommended she go to Infusio which is what helped me heal and get into remission from my conditions. She seemed like a perfect candidate for the treatment. In the end, she decided to turn down a complimentary treatment due to her discussions with "some of the smartest patients she knows" which is very unfortunate. This is a common and detrimental issue I see in the Lyme Community that deserves its own blog post about the topic. 

Infusio does have a high success rate with their patients that are not in these groups and there have been a number of celebrities that have been public about their success there as well including Kelly Osborne, Crystal Hefner and recently Didier Cohen

The reality is Lyme is an incurable disease that is very difficult to treat. There is no cure or treatment that is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. That being said, I have seen amazing success stories come out of Infusio. There will always be patients that treatments don't work for. This can be due to multiple factors and the unfortunate reality of an incurable disease.

It is great to see awareness being spread for chronic conditions and I hope to see Afflicted get a lot of traction.

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