Why You Should Take A Break From Lyme Facebook Groups

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There is something very toxic happening in the Lyme Community. I see this happen time and time again. Patients that don't get better with a certain treatment, make it their life mission to make sure other people don't do that treatment, especially Infusio. While it can seem like they are looking out for each other and helping, the reality is they are really harming people. They are literally scaring people not to go and they are not realizing that because something did not work for them, does not mean it won't work for someone else.

I have seen numerous success stories come out of Infusio, and these people are no longer in the Lyme groups. They have gone back to living their lives and are starting to put this nightmare behind them. What you are left with is a very sick population in these Lyme groups and unfortunately, they are what is influencing other patients.

Infusio does have a high success rate with their patients that are not in these groups and there have been a number of celebrities that have been public about their success there as well including Kelly Osborne and recently Didier Cohen

The facebook groups represent a population of people that have not gotten better and are very loud against treatments they have tried. It is very, very detrimental to patients just starting to look at various treatment options if they are only hearing the bad side, which can often be a minority. Even if patients that had good results are still in the groups and post positivity, it is like it gets completely ignored and people just focus on the negative. I wanted to be the person that stayed in some of the groups once I got better to help encourage people that remission is possible but the reality is it is too toxic to be a part of and people can be very mean and jealous. I have left most Lyme Groups for my own health. 

I still hands down think Infusio is one of the best Lyme treatments out there. I have heard so many miracles and success stories from it. I really wish Lyme patients would look at both sides when making a decision on what treatment to do. I think what happens is Lyme patients get so jaded by our medical system, that our only trusted source become other patients to get us on the right path. The problem with this is that most of the patients we have interaction with in these groups to guide us, are all sick and desperate.  They do not have the answers and it can keep you in a negative cycle of mistrust, doubt, fear and frustration. Many of them think they are qualified to give medical advice because of years of illness, but they are really not and can really harm people.

I truly believe that in order to get better, you need to connect with your intuition, follow what you think will heal you and remove yourself from social media and chronic illness groups. The groups gave me perpetual doubt and fear and I knew I needed to cut the cord and focus on myself to heal. I got several direct messages from disgruntled patients, even as I was doing my treatment that it was not going to work for me because it did not work for them and I blocked those people. I did not want their negativity and toxicity in my head. I had already committed myself to this treatment and trusted this was going to heal me. I didn't care if it didn't work for them. I planted the thought and belief that stem cells at Infusio would heal me and it did. The best decision I ever made 2 years ago. 

Before Infusio, I spent over $180k over 4 years that I am still paying off today to try and get better. I worked with a great doctor that followed Klinghardt protocols in the Bay Area that got me to about 50-60% better but I had really plateaued with those treatments and felt like I was just spending a lot of money with no improvement, not to mention the 80 supplements I was swallowing a day. The treatments were expensive and there was no end in sight. Infusio's treatment, though expensive at the start, finally got me into remission and I have not had to pay for another Lyme treatment since. Even if you have to do the Infusio treatment 2x, you will still be ahead in the cost of Lyme treatment. 

The reality is Lyme is an incurable disease that is very difficult to treat. There is no cure or treatment that is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. That being said, I have seen the most success stories come out of Infusio compared to any other Lyme Clinic. There will always be patients that treatments don't work for. This can be due to multiple factors and the unfortunate reality of an incurable disease.

The bottom line is there are treatments out there helping people but there are also a lot of people that are not getting better for various reasons. Every case is so individual and unique there is no one size fits all treatment. It is best to trust your intuition and take other patients experience with a grain of salt. For some reason, the negativity drowns out any positivity in the Lyme Groups so remember that is only a small percentage of the millions of people affected by Lyme each year.  


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