Cavitation Surgery: 10 Week Post Op Update


It has been 10 weeks since I had Cavitation Surgery. A lot has happened in the past few weeks with the excitement of Stem Cells! I can finally say that I experienced some positive results from my Cavitation Surgery! Yay! 

The recovery was very, very difficult. It took me over a month before I started feeling back to where I was pre-surgery or better. 

After I got my stitches out I thought I was home free but ended up having some major swelling in my back gums. It was unclear if this was an infection or if my lymph's were severely backed up and not letting my body detox. I had to do lots of IVs to try and kill whatever infection I possibly had and did lots of Lymph drainage protocols to help my body detox.
I unfortunately, had to go on oral antibiotics which I was not happy about, but I had to remind myself I had not taken antibiotics for a very, very long time, and situations like this are what they are meant to be used for. Fortunately, it was just a 10-day course and I made sure to do some gut protocols to keep my gut as healthy as possible. 

After a whirlwind 2 weeks of trying to get things settled down I finally started to feel better. After the lymph issues cleared up I started noticing some of the benefits of the surgery. Anxiety has always been a very debilitating symptom I have really struggled with. Even before Lyme my head had always been very “loud", and with Lyme and Co-Infections, especially Bartonella, it became debilitating. 

Since my Cavitation Surgery, my head has been so quiet! I find myself not freaking out as much. I find myself not over thinking, not stressing out, not going crazy about things, not having so much fear circulating in my mind. There is a new sense of calm that has come over me and I don’t know what to do with it. I have always been so used to being on high alert, and over thinking everything that its a nice and welcome change. Dr. Pana warned me that a lot of patients do experience this and it's your parasympathetic nervous system starting to work again. 

I also got my labs back and had some nasty creatures in there. One Parasite in particular has been known to infect your brain and can cause anxiety and fear so it makes sense that this symptom has had so much improvement. I was apprehensive about the surgery and if I really felt a difference after, especially with how hard the recovery was, but I definitely did feel better, and I felt these improvements before I had my Stem Cell Treatments, so I know the change was due to surgery. 


I also got Stem Cell Therapy early Sept. Since I had issues with cavitations for almost 15 years, my immune system had gotten programmed to always try to attack the infections in the cavitations. Unfortunately, it could never get to them, which is why cavitations are such an issue and need to be addressed in order to heal from chronic illness. 

The Stem Cells can actually help my immune system recover from this. They can help teach my immune system that there is nothing to attack there anymore and can help refocus my immune system to things that it can take care of, especially since there is not an infection in my cavitations anymore. 

The Stem Cells should also help with whatever recovery is remaining from the actual surgery. As a side effect, I experienced numbness on the left side of my gums and chin/face. Fortunately, the numbness got back to 80% on its own with herbs, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy but the Stem Cells seem to be working on healing what is left and I now feel it is 98% resolved. Most days I don’t even notice anything is left to heal, but sometimes I do notice slight numbness. 

Overall I did feel substantial improvements from the surgery. It took a while to heal and notice the improvements but I do feel much, much better. It did not help my brain fog as much as I wanted, but the anxiety was a huge symptom and nothing seemed to help it until surgery so I am thankful for the improvement on that. 

I will continue to do X-Tip Ozone Injections on my upper cavitations and hopefully, that is enough to resolve whatever is living in there. I am glad this step of my healing journey is behind me. It was definitely one of the hardest steps both physically and mentally but I am glad I saw positive results. 

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