Stem Cells: Week 5

I can’t believe it has been 5 weeks since I got Stem Cells! Time has been flying by. I am really looking forward to the 6-7 week mark as that is when most people really started to see major shifts. Seven weeks will also be the half way point of my 100 days!  

Overall I have been feeling more or less the same as week 4. Still having some life stress, but managing it better now and still having lots of ups and downs with my fatigue, which is to be expected. My joints are still feeling good and I am even starting physical therapy and gentle pilates this week to start moving my body again. It has been years since I have felt like I can start working out, so even though this is gentle, I am excited to start moving again now that my joints feel so much better. 

One big step I took this week is I threw away ALL of my old supplements. After 4 years and 1000’s of pills later it feels so good to barely be taking any supplements! I wanted to do some sort of ritual to throw these out, but they sat in the paper bag in a corner of my room for over a week. I got so sick of looking at it I just poured them all out in my trash and thanked my Stem Cells for not needing them anymore. In a weird way, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders just being able to throw them away. I felt like taking all of these supplements for so long was such a ball and chain and I feel so much lighter without having to swallow them anymore. I think they did serve a purpose when I was really sick, but I don’t need them to the extent I was taking them anymore and that alone is life changing. Its the little things in life these days..  

All in all, a stable week. All my friends have been commenting that I seem better and appear to have more energy which the fact that I am even seeing more of my friends is a big change on its own. Not much more to report on the symptom chart this week, but I am hoping for bigger shifts as I come into week 6+7.

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