Stem Cells: Week 4

I can’t believe I am already 4 weeks into Stem Cells!  It has been flying by. 

In week 4 I experienced a few dips, but I don’t believe the dips are due to the Stem Cells, I believe they have been due to stress. 

I have been experiencing some external life stressors that I had no control over and have left me pretty stressed out this past week. Regardless of what comes at me, I am trying to focus on how I deal with and manage the stress and make sure I prioritize my own healing and self-care. 
In addition to life stress, my dog Falkor has been really sick so that is wearing on me too. Falkor has been by my side everyday since I got Lyme Disease and is a huge source of emotional support and love for me. He is the only one that would lay in bed and watch countless hours of Netflix with me and does not leave my side.  I know he is going to be ok, but knowing what it feels like to be sick and suffer everyday makes it hard to see him sick when doctors don’t know for sure what is wrong with him yet. We are waiting on some lab results this week and should start to have some answers. 

I am trying to prioritize self-care through all of this and meditate, go to the beach and try to rest as much as possible, but sometimes life gets the best of us and we experience stress whether we like it or not. It's really all about how we deal with the stress, and I have come a long way with how I work with it. Yes, it can still get the best of me and it did this past week, but I am starting to process it and redivert my attention to my healing and use some of the stress tools I have learned in the past few years as I heal. 

The week has not been all bad news though..

On a positive note, I  have still been able to maintain all the improvements from week 3. My joints still feel great! My fatigue has crawled back a bit, but again I feel that is due to stress, not due to being sick. The moments when I don’t feel so stressed, I don’t feel so tired so I know that I am still improving. I also have been successfully tapering down my Thyroid Medication and noticed I have been losing some of the stubborn water weight that I gained a few years ago. 

I am ready for what week 5 has in store for me.