Stem Cell Prep - Days 1-4 In Beverly Hills

Well I finished my first few days of Stem Cell Prep here in Beverly Hills! I had 4 days of IVs that have begun to prep my body for Stem Cells. I will now do the remaining official treatment days in Germany Starting Sept 1.  In the next 2 weeks I will be doing supportive therapies to get my body prepared for my remaining treatments before I fly to Germany at the end of the month. 
Overall the days were not that eventful as it was just long IV days. I did get a few new IVs which were fun to try out and also had a few other unique treatment protocols that are different from my previous treatments. 

Some of the new and more unique pieces were: 

Global Diagnostic Scan
Infusio uses a digital scan called Global Diagnostics. Basically it analyzes your energetic reactions and covers over 500 body parts like nerves, organs, muscles etc. It also is able to give you a list of microbes that could be weighing down your system.
The scan itself is simple and painless. It measures electromagnetic pulses on 2 connections above your ankles and takes about 8 minutes to complete. After the scan you can also have a treatment from the same device called Digisoft which can work to balance what was off in your scan. Lyme Disease only came up as a level 1, which is really low so that made me happy. 

Global Diagnostics is an integral part of the Infusio treatment and the scan and Digisoft are run at all of your treatment days to see what your body needs most and also to track treatment progress. 

Low Level Laser Bed
I also have been using the Low Level Laser Bed at Infusio. It emits red and near infared light that can help with inflammation, pain and tissue repair. It also helps to stimulate production of stem cells which can help increase my stem cell harvest. I used the bed after all my IVs and will also be using the Laser Bed 3x per week until I leave for Germany.  

DAY 1: Thursday Aug 4
Today was a big killing and detox day. I had a Dioxychlor IV which is a natural antibiotic and was new for me. It was good to do a blast of killing since I just had my cavitation surgery the week before. I definitely felt some herxing after the IVs, but it was a good sign as I knew I needed to do some killing after my surgery. 

I also did a bag of Neuro-Aminos. Neuro-Aminos basically feed my cells, help build muscles and make you feel calm. They are a good dose of antioxidants and also plump up stem cells to be released into my bloodstream. 

Next came a bag of Vitamin C to help my body kill off any bugs that were still lurking from my surgery. 

I topped the day off with a Thymus injection to give my immune system an extra boost. . 

DAY 2: Tuesday Aug 9
Since I just had cavitation surgery about 2 weeks ago we have been doing more supportive IVs to give my body a boost now that the killing is over. This was a long day! I started with a Liver Detox IV with homeopathics to help support my liver and detox after my surgery. 

It was followed up with a huge bag of Curcumin (Tumeric) which took over 3 hours to drip. It was definitely a long day but I really felt a huge decrease in inflammation after the Curcumin and actually felt really good! 

I topped the day off with another Thymus injection to help give my immune system an extra kick. 

DAY 3: Wednesday Aug 10
Day 3 was a lot of the same IVs. I had more Liver Support, Neuro-Aminos, Artesunate and a Meyers. I also did the Laser Bed and Digisoft on the Global Diagnostics. 

DAY 4: Friday Aug 12
I had my second Ten Pass Ozone as part of stem cell prep. The Ten Pass Ozone helps to stimulate stem cells as well. I was able to get through all 10 passes again this time which was great! I did feel a bit tired the day of but felt good the days after. 

Whats Next? 
The next 2 weeks before I head to Germany I will be doing supportive therapies such as Lymph Drainage, Laser Bed and maybe an IV here and there for extra support before my trip. 

Treatment for my Stem Cells in Germany will take place Sept 1 - 9. I will keep you posted on my progress and adventure to Germany

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