Stem Cells: Week 2

I am officially at the 2 week mark post Stem Cells

I am definitely into the "crash weeks" of the 100 days. I had a really lazy day on Sunday and did not make it out of my PJs, though the overcast weather probably contributed to that. It felt good to have a day to just rest as I think I was still recovering from the travel home.  

Overall I feel pretty similar to how I felt in my 1 week update. I don’t feel horrible, but I don’t feel great. I am somewhere in between and it comes in waves. I do feel a bit more tired this week than last so I am sleeping and resting as much as possible. Our bodies repair the most when we are sleeping so I am trying to let my body do its thing.

I have noticed that my mood is much better. I am not sure if it's because I am so excited that I finally actually got Stem Cells or because of how confident I believe that this is what is going to heal me. Either way, I am excited and trusting of my Stem Cells. I like to visualize my army of 548 Million Stem Cells hard at work throughout my body and that makes me happy. 

Another positive I have noticed so far, is that it has been easier for me to fall asleep without the help of any sleep aids! This is HUGE for me. I have suffered from the worst insomnia my entire adult life, and especially after Lyme. I don’t know if the fact that I am so tired is helping me fall asleep on my own or the lingering jet lag or the Stems Cells. Probably a combination of everything. Either way, I will take it and I hope this lasts.

I also have not had any medical appointments or IVs for the past 2 weeks after 4 years of constant appointments and 100’s of supplements. That alone has been life changing and a much welcomed break! I do have some dental appts to follow up to my Cavitation Surgery, but those are easy compared to all day IV Days.  I actually have time to do other things now so figuring out how to re-organize my days has been a welcomed conundrum, though I am mostly just resting for now.  

Most people tend to start seeing positive changes around the 6-7 week mark. I am honestly surprised I am already 2 weeks in! Time is flying by as I am in my hibernation phase:) 

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