Stem Cells: Week 3

I am just past the 3 week mark post Stem Cells. I am definitely feeling quite a few improvements already! Overall I have had about 7 straight days of feeling really, really good! I am not sure if I am just high from having such a great experience at the Bulletproof Conference this weekend or if its the Stem Cells really kicking in. Either way, I will take it and enjoy the good feeling! 

This symptom greatly improved with my Cavitation Surgery, but I don’t really even feel its an issue anymore. Whatever was left seems to be resolving with the Stem Cells which is awesome. Previous to Cavitation Surgery my anxiety was severe and my head was very, very loud with racing thoughts so I am really glad there has been such a huge improvement on this symptom. I have not dealt with this debilitating Anxiety for about 5 weeks now. 

I still have not had to take any sleep aids since getting Stem Cells! After an entire adult life of terrible insomnia it has been magical to just be able to fall asleep. This was not possible before Stem Cells, trust me, I have tried many times. 

I have experienced HUGE improvements in my joints. Joint aches have been a thing of the past for a while, but I had been experiencing constant residual joint stiffness. Stiffness that was so bad that it was painful to move my hands and my knees. Nothing I have done previously has relieved this joint stiffness that made me feel 100 years old.

LDI would help slightly for a day, or massive doses of anti-inflammatories. But in the past 1-2 weeks, it has completely subsided! I can’t tell you how magical this feels. My hands and knees feel so much lighter and more flexible. Motions that used to be stiff and painful are gone! I can’t stop opening and closing my hands, hence the video below because for 4 years my hands have been a tremendous source of pain and stiffness! It's the little things in life, like pain free hands, that we take for granted when we are not sick. 

I didn’t think anything was ever going to relieve this stiffness and its gone. All the joints in my body feel so much lighter. Granted, it has only been about 2 weeks of this symptom subsiding, but keep in mind, nothing has relieved it for 4 years for any period of time, so to have a full 2 weeks basically means its gone. I hate to jump the gun and say its gone for good, but given the good 2 weeks, I would say its looking quite good. 

I even went to Stretchlab to try to start stretching my body out again and felt good after. This is huge progress considering I have barely worked out for 4 years. Though it was just stretching, even that would have been too much a year ago. 

I have also noticed that overall I am happier and have more motivation to be alive. For the past 4 years, life has been a chore and I have been alive vs living, just waiting for each day to pass me by hoping I will feel better the next day. For some reason I feel lighter and happier and more motivated which I am appreciating and being grateful for each day. 

I am also starting to taper down on my Thyroid medication. I developed Hashimoto’s because of Lyme Disease and Thymus Therapy gave my immune system a pretty great boost! I am going to start tapering down my Compounded T4 from 100mcg to 50mcg and keep my T3 at 15mcg for now. I am really hoping that once the Stem Cells complete their magic, I will be able to completely come off Thyroid Meds. 

I am planning to keep this chart of my remaining symptoms vs resolved symptoms to have a clear view of what is improving and what needs more work. My Virgo analytical side needs something to do so keeping this list helps track things. 

So all in all, are the Stem Cells working for me so far? YES. I am feeling substantial differences in my body and symptoms are improving. I know healing will take time and I am sure I will continue to experience ups and downs in the process, but I think I am heading mostly up these days. The joint stiffness alone is so huge. FINALLY. 

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